Friday, November 19, 2010

Primary Obsession

Largely what you will find is that my biggest obsession, other than my kids, is cloth diapers. I am an addict. So here is how I found myself embracing the world of Modern Cloth Diapering.

While I was pregnant with my second child, I had a friend in Arkansas ask me if I was going to use cloth diapers. I immediately turned up my nose and replied, "Yuck! No! What about the pins and rubber pants? What about the poop?!" Then she said that it wasn't what I thought. She explained that there are no more pins and new kinds of diapers. She also explained how easy they are to wash. So I started my long journey of researching cloth diapering. I found kinds that snap and kinds that have velcro. I also found kinds that are one size fits all and kinds that are more fitted. I started sharing my information with my Mother-in-law. She used cloth on my husband and was really excited that I was thinking about it for my son. She was even more excited when I started telling her about modern cloth diapers. So much so that she helped us by giving us our first stash of diapers. We chose 24 Fuzzibunz onesize. I liked that they snapped and were adjustable in size so that we wouldn't have to buy more as he grew.

Now I am an addict. My husband says that I am a zealot. (He really likes to cloth diaper too and is a huge supporter for me.) Because of this friend opening my eyes to how easy and simple it is (and great for the budget), I feel compelled to share with EVERYONE! Everyone knows someone that has a baby in diapers.

Because of my zealous nature and my passion for cloth diapering, I have been trying to figure out how to share in a less overwhelming way. I had the idea to start a brick and morter store for cloth diapers and nursing accessories. Then after contemplating risk and overhead, and also the ability to get a loan, we decided to put that dream on the back burner. Then I thought about starting a webstore for cloth diapers and turned down that idea after finding hundreds of others out there. Now I have been trying to find a way (with a very limited budget) to start doing 'classes' for those who are interested in learning about cloth diapering. I want to be able to share about all the different types of manufacturers of diapers, whether it is a large company or WAHM. I also want to talk about the different places to find cloth diapers, like online boutiques or ebay. But most importantly, I want to talk about all the different kinds of diapers to fit their lifestyles, be it AIO, AI2, pockets, prefolds, or hybrids. To me, there is no real reason to not use cloth and there is a system out there that could work for everyone! My husband wishes that there was a way that I could turn my obsession into a job! Starting this blog is my first step for Cloth Diapering Advocacy.


  1. I agree, cloth are the way to go. I used cloth with Matthew and am going to use them with Nikki when we get her home from china. I prefer bumkins but they are so spendy. I am looking into other all in ones. Im not a fan of pocket diapers. Cara norby

  2. That's awesome Cara! I personally love my pockets, but that's all I've ever used. Since you like the AIO's, I'd check ebay for good deals. I also want to try out PLUMP diapers. She is a WAHM who does AIO's and AI2' minkies! But keep checking back on this blog. I plan to share more about all the different systems and deals on prices! Hopefully I can help you find a good deal on your favorite type.

  3. Love all those pretty diapers! :-D


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