Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Traveling with Cloth

Well....it's the last full week before Christmas and many are getting ready to travel for the holiday season.  I know that for cloth diapering parents, this is probably the biggest hassle to using cloth.  The hurdles that we face include packing the stash, finding a way to wash, and dealing with family or friends who give you the 'why don't you just use disposables' talk.  If you think about it though....that's the biggest hassle of using cloth?!  Doesn't seem so bad.

I am a firm believer that my children will never be in disposables again.  I just can't see a good reason for them.  So, this is how we travel with cloth.  I am lucky enough to have very supportive families who think that going cloth is just awesome.  Especially since they've seen new Modern Cloth Diapers.  So, when we pack to go, I start with my favorite schlep bag that my mom made me.  I put in a pail liner and then we pack our whole stash (I try to wash a load right before we leave so none are left behind).  This consists of 24 fuzzbunz and 1 lonely Katydid that I won (thanks One Little Mister!).  I also pack along our hemp inserts and cloth wipes that are dry, along with an empty and clean huggies box to put the wipes in to wet down when we get to our destination.  If we are planning on being away for more than 3 days, I also put in a plastic baby food jar filled with my Rockin' Green....that gives me enough for at least 2 loads; 4 or more loads in my mom's HE machine with softened water.  Then, I make sure that everyone is aware that I will be doing a load every other day....which they have been great with so far.

Now, I know that sometimes when you travel, having a place to wash can be harder than it should be.  Most hotels these days have washing facilities in them for visitors to use, and you could always find a laundromat....but having to take that time away from your travels can be difficult to do.  Plus, I know that not all families or friends are supportive of the choice to go cloth.  So, here are some suggestions on how to travel lightly without resorting to disposables.

One way is using hybrid diapers.  There are plenty of types of hybrids, but the basics are a waterproof shell that you can put biodegradable/flushable liners into.  This is great because you have the illusion of disposables.  The shells are easy to wipe out to clean and you can just take along the inserts; no need for a washer.  These are also great for being around people who give you grief for using cloth because it is similar to what they are used to with disposables.  But you can rest easy knowing that you are not putting the chemicals on your baby and everything is green and biodegradable.

Another great way is similar to the first.  You can use AI2's (all-in-twos).  They also use a waterproof shell (just like hybrids).  The difference is that you can use cloth for the inserts.  You can lay prefolds, microterry, or your favorite inserts on the inside.  This is great if you want to do 100% cloth, but don't have the room for all the bulk of your whole stash.  This way you plan out how many inserts you need and a few covers to go with them.  Then if the cover gets dirty, you can wipe it out or wash it in the sink and let it air dry.  Plus, you only have to worry about washing the inserts. 

I also suggest these two options for people who are just starting on their journey with cloth diapering.  I think it eases the transition into full blown addiction, like the rest of us.  Especially for people who work full time and think that the extra load of laundry every few days would be too daunting.

I always love to hear about other people's stories of cloth diapering.  I know that there are as many ways to cloth diaper as there are families....so feel free to share your travel experiences with me!  Have safe and happy travels.  Enjoy your holiday season!


  1. Dont have any travel experiences with cloth but plenty of in-law stories involving putting them on the wrong way. Such as just the diaper and no cover, onsie on inside the cover, no cover, and diaper on outside of the cover- yes all from the same in-laws. Then you get my other side of the in-laws that decided to help do laundry and me having to strip my diapers because they washed them the wrong way. Half my diaper stash is 20 years old and still going strong (from my cousin) Love the modern ones and have been trying to upgrade as I can afford to.

  2. I love it! We've had some people put them on backwards....which makes me wonder if they put sposies on backwards too, because they are the same shape. But I've heard horror stories about other people washing, so I'm pretty adamant that no one touches the dirties. I just always approach it as a 'I don't want you to have to deal with that mess' thing. I have a friend that swears by eBay for adding to your stash in a budget friendly way. I am looking to find some covers for traveling.


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