Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are coming into a New Year.  Where did the last one go?  It seems that 2010 has been a full year for my family.  We've had amazing joys and extreme hardships.

Our year started with a joyous celebration as I was nearing the end of my pregnancy at 31 weeks and celebrating my 29th birthday (yes, I'm that young).

We had a startling revelation when we found out that my son had a heart arrhythmia and we had to see a Neonatologist who thought I should deliver in my 36th week....but we made it to 39 exactly and he came beautiful and healthy with no heart problems.

My daughter celebrated her 'Golden Birthday' (she was 8 on the 8th) with her first Ballet and Tap performances.  The next day a Mad Hatter tea party in the park with all her close girlfriends.  Then both kids were baptized that weekend.  Wow!  Talk about a huge celebration!

The summer passed in a blur.  We had fun in the sun and enjoyed family bonding time.  My husband was put on the graveyard shift at work, so it was different juggling all the different schedules but it was nice that he was home at night with the kids.

Then school started and my husband was forced to the swing shift.  It was not ideal for time with our oldest, but it let him have more personal time with our youngest.  We pulled up our boot straps and made the best of it.

Fall came in and we had a wonderful time.  Our daughter learned a hard lesson in telling the truth, but she is just so smart and kind-hearted that it didn't take long to set in.  Halloween is my favorite!  I had a boo-tiful ghost and a sweet little puppy in my house!

Thanksgiving gave us a new meaning of how to be thankful.  I had recently started this blog with high hopes of what will come of it.  We are blessed with amazing families that are so supportive.  My husband had the misfortune of losing his job on Thanksgiving.  Luckily, our family was here, so we were able to work through the shock.  We remembered the meaning of the season and are so thankful for our health and our happy families, no matter what our hardships are.

Christmas came and we were able to participate in our Church's cantata.  My husband and I are both singers, but with our work schedules and then kids, it makes it difficult to be able to perform.  We decided to take the opportunity to share what we can during this newly found time that we have.  Even though we have been working hard trying to figure out where our path is going to lead us, we were still able to travel home to see family over the holidays and spend time with our children that we normally wouldn't have.

We know that things are going to be difficult starting off this next year, but we also know that as long as we have each other....we will be just fine.

Here's to looking forward to the New Year.  May it bring you peace, joy, happiness, contentment, and love!


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