Monday, January 3, 2011

In the beginning....

Anyone who knows me, knows that we use cloth diapers.  As I have mentioned before....I am a huge cloth diaper advocate.  I have talked before about this addiction that I have and how we came about starting to use cloth diapers, but I haven't really explained about what it was like when we did start using them.

Now, my husband and I really had to think hard about this decision.  When we were first asked, we decided that maybe it could be the solution to our budget problem and would be worth really looking into it.  As we started our search for information, I came across mainly commercially produced cloth diapers.  I had no idea how in-depth this quest could go!  I decided that pocket diapers looked like the easiest solution because the idea of prefolds and older ways of cloth diapering were intimidating.  I soon found out that there are so many different kinds of pocket diapers.  We decided, for the sake of our budget, that a one size system would be the best option.  I have never been a huge fan of velcro for many different reasons.  So, when I found that you can get diapers with velcro (or touch tape as it's sometimes called) or with snaps, I was very excited.  From there, we had to decide how we wanted the adjustable system to work.  I decided that I wanted to go with the type that had adjustable elastic around the legs and back instead of the fold and snap adjustable types.  That is how we came to our decision to purchase our fuzzibunz.  Then I looked for an online retailer that had the best price and shipping charges and we placed our order.

In my search, I found that cloth diapers have to be washed in a special way.  In order to avoid enzyme rashes and other problems, it is best to use special laundry detergents.  I found online a list of detergents that could be safe for cloth.  They were mainly kinds that you can buy at Target or other big box stores.  We chose to go with a Sensitive, free and clear, type of detergent.  After using it for a few weeks, I found that it was not enzyme free....the hard way.  Sean had a bad rash.  Plus, they were leaking like crazy!  It was like they had no absorbency anymore.  I started talking to people that I had met on Facebook about this problem and they all pointed me in the direction of natural detergents specifically made by cloth diapering moms!  I placed an order.  When it came, I learned how to 'Rock a Soak' and strip the diapers of the buildup from detergent and hard water.  Ever since this discovery....all my laundry problems have been solved.  (I will be doing a review and giveaway on this amazing detergent soon!)

We also started by using disposable wipes.  It was very awkward to have a plastic sack for dirty diapers and another one for used wipes, so we looked into cloth wipes too.  I found on Amazon great wipes and diaper pail liners for the soiled diapers and wipes.  We went and bought a plastic garbage pail with flip top lid and a wipe warmer.  Then we were in business!  Nothing has stopped us since!

After all these minor set backs at the start of our cloth diapering journey, we almost threw in the towel.  I am so glad that we didn't!  We stuck through it and figured out how to make it work for our needs.  Through many contacts and much appreciated advice of others, we have realized that it is so much better to diaper this way.  I think that is why we are so vocal about others using cloth too.  I think that with all the different ways to do it, there is a way out there that could work for everyone!



  1. We had a rough start too but it was so worth it!! I have many different kinds of diapers and my favourites change all the time. I just made our wipes out of flannel and they have worked great.

    New follower from the cloth blog hop

  2. Hey! I saw your comment about where to find a milk bank. Here is the one i am using You CAN make just a one time donation. So if are wanting to empty your freezer and be done with it then you can! i think that is pretty awesome! It costs you nothing. They pay shipping and everything is covered. I hope you are able to donate! I will post this on my blog too to make sure you find it.

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I love flannel wipes too, Kim. They work great.

    Kristen, thank you so much for the information. I think that it's a great thing!


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