Monday, February 21, 2011

Bumps in the Road

How do you deal with change, tragedy, grief, or sorrow?  Personally, I have been given a great gift to be able to deal with these with grace and class.  It's nothing that I learned from anyone; it's just how I've always been.  I am the person who acts without hesitation and deals with the real emotion later.  Most recently, I have had to deal with these emotions again.  My husband lost his job on Thanksgiving last year and has yet to find a new one.  Our life path has been changed and even though it's very difficult right now, we know that it will turn into the best opportunity for us.  My Great Grandmother is in failing health and we are preparing ourselves for what will be coming next.  She has led an amazing life and has touched all of our lives.  My hope is that my family will be able to celebrate her and be able to let go when we need to.  I also have a friend that I was very close to as a child who is experiencing what we all as parents dread.  Her daughter was recently diagnosed with leukemia and, from the updates that I receive from her, they are treating it very aggressively.

I hear about these trials and tribulations that some have gone through and others are experiencing right now.  Listening to these life stories weighs heavily on my heart.  I yearn to be able to help in some way.  A little note of encouragement, a hand to hold, an ear to listen, a zealous attempt to raise awareness, throwing a fundraiser, or even sharing my own story to help show my empathy.  It's by sharing that we learn how to deal with the curves that come up on our path.  Some stories are harder to share than others, but through those stories we all become stronger.  I will get around to sharing some of my heavier stories with you all in time, but for now I will leave you with a story that was shared by a blog friend of mine.  Please stop by Mummies Nummies to read her touching story.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my story. The memories still bring tears to my eyes. What still bothers me is that we only took two pictures of Pooker while she was in the hospital. We did not want to remember her with wires and tubes coming out of her. The picture we have is just of her head all wrapped up in a blanket and with a hat on(all wires were not showing) I am a big picture person.... and knowing that from 3 days old til 10 days old... she has but 2 pictures still bothers me. But I think we more than made up for it over the years.

    Thanks again and I hope that our horror story (turned happy ending) will help someone out there not to give up. If a new born baby can over come such horrible things..... I think we as parents can too.


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