Monday, February 28, 2011

Teething Woes

Little Man has started his cycle of teething again.  Poor guy runs the gamut of symptoms.  He gets the puffy red cheeks, gets off his sleeping schedule, the runny and stuffy nose, and low fever followed by an ear or sinus infection from all the inflammation and congestion.  These symptoms last for at least 4 weeks before a sign of a tooth even breaking through.  This time around, it's been 3 weeks already and he's still going.  He's complaining about his discomfort more and more.

I had been doing research about what to do to help ease his teething symptoms.  Tylenol just didn't seem to do the trick, it just masked them.  I found many moms online talking about Baltic Amber.  Now, I took a very 'holistic' approach to taking care of myself since I was in college and I couldn't believe that I didn't think of it sooner.  I had heard that Amber is a good healer; I just never thought that you could put it on kids!

I saw many companies online that sold Amber necklaces, but there was one in particular that I really liked.  It's  I was really impressed by the big variety that they had and their prices are very reasonable ($5 shipping all the time!).  They have Baltic Amber baby teething necklaces, teething bracelets, beautiful healing necklaces, men's amber jewelry, and amber bracelets.  I think it is so neat that you can outfit your entire family with necklaces and bracelets.  I also love that you can choose your size of necklace length too.

I just received a necklace for Little Man and for myself yesterday from them.  I am have been very impressed with their service.  The necklaces are so beautiful...they definitely provide what they show in their pictures, but they're even better in person!  I am going to start working on a review of the Baltic Amber necklaces.  I am very interested to see how much of a difference they might make and I can't wait to share it with all of you! has also generously agreed to sponsor a giveaway on OTTW!!!  One lucky reader will get a chance to win a baby teething necklace for their little one!  So stay tuned and tell your friends to watch for the review and giveaway!

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