Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Aren't they all fitted?!

I started my journey with cloth diapers with no direction.  After doing research, Raconteur Daddy and I decided to buy all pocket diapers for our stash.  Now that we have networked and learned more from other cloth diapering parents out there, we have developed a curiosity about all the different ways to cloth diaper.  Whether it is the new modern ideas or the more traditional way, we want to learn more!

The first time I heard about 'fitted' diapers, I thought that they meant diapers that were trim or not bulky.  I had no clue that it meant a cloth diaper that is shaped like a disposable!  Fitted diapers are usually one to three layers of a select cloth, whether it is cotton, hemp, bamboo or other material.  They require a cover because they are not waterproof on their own.  They usually come with velcro, snaps or require some other type of fastener.  They also are said to be very absorbent.

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