Thursday, March 24, 2011

It can be SO easy.

So, to round out our month long even of celebrating the more traditional styles of cloth diapering, I am very surprised at how easy it all is.  We've been modern cloth diaper users for 11 months now and we have primarily been pocket users.  Now, while I prefer pockets and they will always be my go to style; I am very happy to have an alternative that is not intimidating anymore.

I am in love with my Zookies cover.  I love all of the choices and variations that it lends itself to; between using prefolds in different folding fashions or just putting in a pocket insert.  What ever I have on hand, I can use.  I really love that I can use it a couple of times through the day before needing to wash it.  I also love how easy it is to wash too.  I find that the covers and prefolds don't hold in build up stink like my pockets do and they are much easier when it comes to a wash routine....not to mention the cost effectiveness compared to high end pocket diapers.  (Which I would classify my Zookies cover as a high end cover!)  I love how Little Man likes his cover too.

My favorite use for our cover is for daytime play.  I also love having it around for those times (once a month it seems) that I have to strip or soak our pocket diapers.  It is just so much easier to do them all at once than to try to split them into two loads.  Now I have the convenience of our cover to use during those times.

I think that when the next little one comes around, I am going to try using a newborn sized cover and prefolds for those first few weeks when our one size pocket diapers are still just a little too big.  I think that this would be the most economical solution for that time, plus I know that I can do it now!  I'm looking forward to picking a few out.

Thank you for following during Under Cover month.  I have many fun things in store for the next coming months!

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