Thursday, March 17, 2011

There are Names too?!

I figured that there were all sorts of different ways to fold a prefold for use when cloth diapering.  What I didn't realize was that there are actual names to go with the different ways!  I have to say Thank You to Trisha who opened my eyes to that knowledge.  After she told me about the Angel Fold, I just had to start my many hours of research on all the different names for the ways that I've been folding his diapers!  Here is what I have found.

This is how I tried laying
the prefold in the cover.
Then I tried opening the
back part.

The Newspaper:  This seems to be the way I have been doing it when I just lay the prefold into the cover.

To start, lay your prefold
Fold top edge up.

Fold edges to middle.

Fold up and secure.

The Angel:  I like the added absorbency capability with this one for my little man.  It is different from the newspaper fold in that you can choose how much of the front to fold after lifting the front instead of before.

Start with your prefold
Fold edges toward middle.

Bring top up.
Fold top edge down toward
the inside.

Fold back edges forward
and secure.

The Bikini Twist:  That is so cute...but also pretty functional too.  I can see where it may lead to more mess with solids because of the twist, but I think that it would work really well for chunky legs and girls.

Start with prefold.
Twist front end.

Bring front up.
Fold over top edge.


The Jelly Roll:  This seems nice for those covers that are a little loose around the legs.  It makes a little gusset around the legs.

Start with Prefold.
Start by rolling corner.

Roll at an angle.
Roll both sides.

Bring top up.
Fold down top edge.


Origami:  I think that this would be a good fold for heavy wetters.  It requires a bigger flat or prefold than the others (a square shape would be best) and it makes a built in doubler.  It is also requires a little more patience.

Start with your prefold and
fold upward in half.
Fold in half again from
left to right.

Pull the top right corner
across to the left
creating a triangle.

Here's the triangle.

Now pick it up....
And turn it over.

Start folding the
rectangle side.
Fold it to the center.

Bring the top up.

And secure.

I have to give thanks to the other blogs that I learned my information from.  

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*These are all my pictures and my personal explanation of the different ways that I learned by doing research on the internet.  I used the aforementioned blogs for the purpose of learning how to do these folds and as guides to be able to pass on the information.

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