Monday, March 14, 2011

Trials of a Prefold

Raconteur Daddy and I never used prefolds or other traditional ways of cloth diapering until January this year.  We have always been pocket users.  When I was approached with the idea of participating with Under Cover, we were excited to have an opportunity to try it out and talk about them from a 'first timer' perspective.

Now, I know that we aren't 'doing it right'.  I know that there are better products out there to use for prefolds than our 9 year old Gerber prefolds that were used as burp rags for Sweet Pea.  But, when we received our Zookies cover, we wanted to use it right away and didn't know what to put inside!  So, out came the old Gerber prefolds.  I have to say that it was a bit awkward at first.

I figured that I would fold them in a tri-fold width wise and put the folds inside, then I laid it into the cover and wrapped the corners across his little belly and put the cover on top.  I found that by doing this, it ended up with the prefold in a bunch.  But to my surprise, there were no I guess it did it's job anyway.  Plus, Little Man didn't seem uncomfortable at all.

I also tried ways of folding the prefold around a FuzziBunz microterry insert or a Thirsties hemp insert.  They worked okay but still bunched into the front after an hour or two of playtime.  I think that the only way to successfully use a prefold though is by using a snappi or other type of fastener too.

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