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Baltic Amber Jewelry Review and Giveaway - CLOSED

Little Man has always had a hard time with teething.  He would go through all the symptoms including; crankiness, inflammation, sinus infections from the inflammation and runny nose, and problems sleeping.  These symptoms would last for weeks at a time each.  I felt so bad for the little guy.  So I started doing research on remedies for his symptoms.  We tried those 'homeopathic' drops that had belladonna in it....which I was leery about since belladonna can be dangerous.  We tried them and they would make him sleep very hard, so we stopped using it right away.  Then we found out that they were recalled for dangerous reasons.  After that, I didn't want to try anything else.  Then I found out about Baltic Amber teething necklaces and bracelets.  I know that Amber is said to be a good healing stone, but I didn't realize that it could be used with children!  I did some more research and found  I was very impressed with the information that they had on their website and I was also very impressed with the large assortment of beautiful Amber jewelry.  They don't just do the plain round stone teething necklaces.  They do an amazing job on fashioning jewelry for the whole family!  Plus, their prices are so reasonable.  Shipping is only $5!

A little background on amber....Baltic Amber to be specific.  Baltic Amber is known to have a high concentration of a natural substance called Succinic Acid.  Succinic acid works with your body's natural process of healing; working to relieve swelling, aches, and metabolizing energy.  The way it works is that Amber is a resin and not a stone.  It is formed by tree sap that has fossilized.  Because of this, it has a natural oil (one of the reasons why it is shiny and lustrous).  This natural oil is said to be able to secrete into the skin when warm and that is how the succinic acid is released into the body.  As a jeweler, I was taught that you have to be careful when cleaning amber jewelry because of it's delicate nature.  I was also taught that you can rub natural oil (like olive oil) into it to restore that natural sheen when it gets damaged or becomes dull. was so generous.  I told them about our son's teething woes, The Raconteur Daddy's problems with tendinitis in his thumb, and my general headaches and back pain.  They sent each of us a little treat.  Sweet Pea and Little Man each received beautiful round and oval stone children's necklaces.  Raconteur Daddy received a bracelet.  I received the most beautiful assorted stone necklace.  It is so fancy that I love wearing it for dressy occasions along with everyday.  I have gotten so many compliments.  I really love working with this company.  Their customer service is amazing.  There are many Baltic Amber companies out there, but none that I have found that provide the level of service, the quality of product, the huge variety of choices and their competitive prices like

I was skeptical at first at how well they would work or if it was just a placebo effect.  When we got them, I put them on everyone right away.  I was so surprised at how light weight they are!  When you wear them, you almost forget that they are there because they are so light.  In fact, I don't think that Little Man even realizes that he has his on!  Little Man was in a particularly cranky mood for three solid days before this.  After wearing it for about two hours, I realized that the pain and stiffness in my shoulders was gone.  I also was noticing that Little Man was more content and playing on the floor without screeching at us.  The experiment continued everyday for a few weeks.  He was more and more content and I was less achy too.  I decided to see what would happen if I took them off; if it would make a difference.  So, we went for 3 days without wearing them.  I was waking up stiff and a little achy in the mornings and it ended up being the longest and loudest three days with Little Man!  I put them back on and with in an hour he was back to his content happy little self.  I was relieved!  The Raconteur Daddy even commented that his thumb was feeling better even without the medications....something that not even a cortisone shot helped with!  Sweet Pea doesn't wear hers often, but she had a headache and it was better after wearing her necklace for a little while.  I was also blessed with the opportunity of getting to use the Baltic Amber during my first trimester.  We are now 9 weeks along.  Even though the Amber doesn't help with my morning sickness, it does help with the aches and pains, even the fatigue.  I have even noticed that it is helping with the dreaded 'round ligament' pains too.  I sleep better at night when I wear it before bed.  I would suggest this to all my pregnant friends and followers.

It could be coincidence or it could be that they actually do what they say they will.  For us adults, it could just be a placebo effect; but Little Man doesn't understand placebo effect and it makes a noticeable difference with him.  Either way, I think that it is worth it because even if it's a fake still helps and that's what counts!  Plus, they are gorgeous.  So even if they didn't work; they are still a beautiful piece of jewelry. has generously offered one lucky reader a Child's Teething Necklace.
It will be the Butterscotch and Cognac teething necklace in 14 inch.

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