Monday, April 25, 2011

Crunchy Clean Review and Giveaway - CLOSED

I have been using cloth diaper detergents since the mishap we had trying to use commercial detergents at the start of our diapering days.  I used the brand that I had heard of from everyone.  Then, I was lucky enough to find Crunchy Clean.  When I stumbled across their Facebook page, I started to wonder....There other cloth diaper detergents out there?  What makes them different?  So I started my quest of researching other cloth diaper detergents.

I contacted Crunchy Clean to get some answers to my questions.  They so generously sent me a Hard Water Starter Kit.  It had a couple little bags of their detergent in unscented, Honey Vanilla Love Dust, and a regular bag of  Monkey Farts.  It also had Monkey Farts Sprinkles in it, which is a pail deodorizer.  I have never used a pail deodorizer and I was very excited to get a chance to try it out.

I have a very sensitive nose, and being in the first trimester makes it even more sensitive.  In fact, most smells would just not sit well with me.  I had to refrain from using most of my favorite detergents, body washes, etc.  Even before getting pregnant, I still had to be cautious about detergent smells.  I found only 2 scents from my favorite detergent that I could use.  So I was a little cautious about trying new scents, but Oh My!!  They are amazing.  I loved the soft, tangy, banana scent of the Monkey Farts!  I love the name too.  The Honey Vanilla LOVE Dust was sensual and very light.  It has a hint of chocolate and vanilla to it and reminds me of my favorite Latte when I used to drink coffee.  What I love the most is that even with the unscented version, there were no undertones that were off or funky that I find with most detergents.  It was always a very clean and light smell.  I am impressed with the time they take putting together all of their scents.  The Sprinkles are amazing too.  They really did the trick on those overnight diapers that I swear could get up and walk out of the pail on their own.  The scent didn't overpower the pail, it just masked the ammonia smell.  I think Sprinkles will be a standard addition to our diaper stash from here on out!

I love the bags that they use.  I have never had a problem resealing the top either.  I have used Crunchy Clean to prewash, to soak and for my regular cloth diaper laundry.  Every time I am amazed by the results.  For prewashing, I love how it really takes the ammonia stink out.  When I did an overnight soak, I was shocked that the water looked SO clear (at the beginning and even with the yellowish color to it at the end of the soak).  It didn't look murky like it usually does with other detergents.  For my regular every other day washing, I really love it.  I love how I only have to rinse and then need for an extra rinse or an extra wash cycle like I've experienced before.  I really love this because it saves me time, money and water!  It really is clean rinsing, even with my extremely hard water!  It has made my washing routine so easy.

Left:  Other CD Detergent; Right:  Crunchy Clean
Both: 1 tbs. detergent in 8 oz. of water
This is from the other side with sunlight going through it.
Right:  Other brand; Left:  Crunchy Clean
They have two different types of detergent.  One is formulated for Cloth Diapers.  The other is for the rest of your laundry and has added soap to help with stains and grime.  They have Hard Water formula and a regular formula.  I also love their reasonable prices!  They have been wonderful to work with.  Their customer service has been exceptional.  I was having some problems before starting to use Crunchy Clean and they helped me figure out how to solve my problem very quickly.  I didn't have to switch to prefolds or disposables to strip my stash....all it took was one overnight soak!

Here's my rundown of Crunchy Clean:
Great scents with no strange undertones.
Awesome resealable bags (that actually reseal!)
Great for prewash, soaks and regular wash cycles.
Clean rinsing!
Works great on Hard Water.
Great price.
Amazing Customer Service.

Crunchy Clean has the Trophy Wife's seal of approval!  

Crunchy Clean has very generously offered TWO lucky readers a chance to try out their detergent!  
They are giving you an opportunity to pick out anything you want!  
The first winner will get a $15 gift card and the second will receive a $10 gift card.

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