Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun in the Sun!!

I have to admit...I don't like humidity and I don't like the sun.  I think most of this comes from the fact that I am extremely fair skinned and I grew up with Asthma.  So humidity and sun are not close friends of mine.  But, I have kids that love to be outside, so I have to get used to being out.

My kids did inherit something from me though.  They have very sensitive skin.  Not necessarily to sun, like me, but to chemicals, bug bites and other allergens.  Our poor daughter gets the biggest welts from Asian Beetle bites!  They get so big and if we don't catch it right away, they get infected.  She also has a hard time with lotions and sunscreens.  So we are very cautious about what we use, and she knows to stick to her stuff and not share what friends are using.

Lotions are a very important thing during the summer.  It's hard to remember to use it, unlike wintertime when skin gets itchy and dry.  But sun kissed skin really needs the hydration too.  For lotions, we love CeraVe.  My mom (who is the matriarch of the skin sensitivities in our family) had a doctor tell her about this stuff years ago.  We had to special order it.  Now, you can find it at Walgreens and Target!  AND, they are coming out with a wonderful facial cleanser and an AM/PM facial lotion group with the AM having a sunscreen in it!  I am so excited!  While pregnant, I live in the cream because it lasts a little longer and works on those stubborn dry and stretchy spots better.  I also use these products on the kids!  I like their hydrating cleanser, especially to get face paint off!  All CeraVe products are good for baby skin, kids, and adults.  It's also great to use if you have eczema or rosacea.

Sunscreen is a must have for year round protection.  But summertime is especially important to put this on everyday that you plan on stepping outside, for any length of time.  Neutrogena Sunscreen spray was the only 'mainstream' brand of sunscreen that didn't make Sweet Pea break out in hives.  It was easy to apply and worked pretty well.  I just didn't like the smell of it, and didn't use it on her until she was 7 years old.  I was searching for something more natural without breaking the bank.  I was also hoping to find something that could work for our little babies too.

I found Episencial sunscreen this spring.  I have been very impressed with it.  It is not super gooey like most natural sunscreens.  It goes on a little thick and white, but it rubs in well.  I think it's great because I can see if I missed any spots before it blends in.  The other thing that I love about it is that it doesn't smell.  It doesn't smell like anything!  No funky sunscreen or coconut smells. (Who thought coconut would be a good smell for sunscreen anyway?!)  And, so far, it works very well.  No bad reactions and no burns.  Of course, it does have a lower SPF than we are used to using and it's not waterproof, but I think it's well worth an extra application during the day to avoid those chemicals.
My sunshine girl and my 15 week bump!

So while you're out and about this summer, remember these key points.  Drink plenty of water!  Wear loose and light layers (my favorite is a light jersey cotton sweater over my tank tops).  Wear hats and sunglasses to protect your head, ears and eyes.  Wear sunscreen....don't forget your ears, neck and hair line (especially parts).  Take cooler showers and lotion well afterward.  But most importantly.....Have a TON of fun with your family and friends!!

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  1. Love the bump pic! Thanks for the info too. :)

  2. Thanks....I didn't think it was the best picture, but it worked for this post. My girl and I love our shades and hats!

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