Monday, June 20, 2011

Boon Groovy + Modware Review and Giveaway!! - CLOSED

Exploring the new world of solid foods has been very fun with Little Man.  He goes back and forth between wanting 'Big Boy' table foods and pureed foods.  So far he has been a very good eater and enjoys a great variety.  I love the Boon Groovy + Modware set for this reason!

When we received the set, I was so excited.  The top is a nice bowl and the bottom is a plate with a nice rim on it.  There are two saucer cups that attach to the sides by the lip of the bowl or plate.  This is nice because you can put them anywhere.  It also comes with the spoon and fork set.  The base of the plate/bowl combo and each saucer have an edging of silicone that helps keep them in place on the table.  The spoon and fork are perfect for little hands and have a silicone type covering on them to make them easier to grip.

I love the size of the bowl.  It holds a full jar of 3rd foods.  (Little Man enjoyed Herbed Chicken and Pasta that night.)  The plate's lip was perfect for holding in all the juice from his fresh cut watermelon, but didn't get in the way when he was reaching for a new piece.  We used one of the saucers for a little treat of Peach Puffs too.

Little Man enjoyed his dinner with his new dish set.  He really enjoyed the freedom of having his options there all at once instead of switching around bowls like we usually do.  I loved how easy it was for him to get into each section.  I also really liked that it never slid around on the table, even when he bumped it.

I think that as he progresses with his table food and eating on his own, this will become one of our favorite things to use.  Right now, he doesn't get very far with the spoon on his own, so we do help him out with that mid meal.  I think that the saucers will be perfect for sauces or ketchup when he gets a little older and starts eating things like chicken strips or meat chunks.  I probably won't use them much right now because they don't affix to the plate at all.  Once the puffs are gone, he takes the saucers off the plate and throws them on the floor.  I really look forward to the versatility that this provides as he gets older.  Sweet Pea even likes using it for snacks!

Boon has so graciously offered one lucky U.S. reader a chance to win one for themselves!  This includes a Groovy + Modware set in the color of your choice.

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