Monday, June 6, 2011

Missing you all!

Sorry.....there is not going to be a Monday post this week.  Today is the day that we are super busy and I just can't get away.  We are packing up the last of the boxes and getting them out of the house.  Tomorrow will be painting and finishing touches as we make our move back home!  It will be nice to be out of the house and vacationing with family for the next month while the house gets put on the market.  Please pray that we can get it finished by tomorrow and that the house sells quick.

I'm also getting ready for Sweet Pea's 9th Birthday!  She is traveling with family already and we are meeting up the day after her birthday for a big bash.  Busy, busy times here.

I will see you all later in the week for the drawing of the Best Bottoms Giveaway on the 9th.  I miss you all and will connect up with you soon!!!



  1. Have fun and I look foward to your return! Happy bday Sweet Pea!!!!

  2. Enjoy your vacation! Good luck with all of you plans.


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