Friday, July 8, 2011

Pocket Diapers Part 2

I started sharing about Pocket Diapers last Wednesday.  I want to expand on that post a little and talk to you about the kinds of Pocket Diapers that I'm curious about.  Being a cloth diaper addict, I have spent a tremendous amount of time researching cloth diapers.  I have tried different styles, but the OneSize Pocket diapers have been my favorite.  Even though each brand of pocket diaper is different, I love each one of them that I've tried.  So, I wonder if I would be just as happy with other brands or styles of pocket diapers.

We have never tried a sized pocket diaper before, but have been curious as to if we would enjoy them just as much as their one size counterparts.  We don't mind the bulk that comes from one sizes on little ones because the bonus is that we don't have to buy another set as they get bigger!  There have been times, though, that I've wished we had a trimmer fit to fit under some of my favorite outfits that were getting out grown.

These are the brands that we've tried:  FuzziBunz OneSize, DinkleDooz, Oh Katy, GoGreen, and Rumparooz OneSize.

Here is the list of Pocket Diaper brands that I've wanted to try and why I find them intriguing.  Since there are so many different manufacturers of pocket diapers and so many WAHMs out there; I would love for you all to share if I am missing one from my list!

TotsBots - I love the cute prints and the different styles.
Happy Heinies - I love the many different colors and prints to choose from.  They also have many different options and styles too.
CutiePoops - A WAHM diaper maker.  Her styles are so cute and she has so many different options for custom orders.  I also love her ingenuity when it comes to colors, prints and fabric choices.  I also love her ruffle bums for girls.
Jazzy Dans - A WAHM diaper maker.  They have an Etsy store and their prints are super cute, plus there are a ton of options for boys!
Kninkernappies - I love the idea of a side snapping diaper.  I've also heard many good things about this company.
AMP diapers - I have heard people who use these just rave about them.  I like that they have 4 row adjustable on their one size diapers.
Apple Cheeks - I like their envelope cover.  It looks different than regular pocket diapers and I'm curious to know how well they work.
AngeePants - A WAHM diaper maker.  I love the cute prints and the use of color on the inside.
Lovely Pocket Diapers - I love the prints, the choices of styles and the price!
Heartland Dreams - A WAHM diaper maker.  They use such cute prints and combinations of fabrics.
Wahmies - I like their quick hooks instead of snaps and aplix.
Mo Dia - A WAHM diaper maker.  I like their custom designs.
Rocky Mountain Diapers - A WAHM diaper maker.  I like the use of gender neutral colors and the use of color on the inside too.
Dry Bees - A WAHM diaper maker.  I just love the styles....who can resist a ruffle bottom on a little girl?!
Bumcessories - A WAHM diaper maker.  This is actually someone that I grew up with (small world, huh?!) and I love her styles and her huge assortment of fabrics and prints.
Mud Butt - A WAHM diaper maker.  I love her use of colored snaps and her prints too.
Mini Maestro - I just heard about these diapers and I am so curious to learn more!
Thirsties - I like their huge selection of styles.  I also love that they are Made in the USA!!
Mothers-Ease - I like their use of all organic 100% cotton.  They have many styles to choose from too.
Teene Comforts - A WAHM diaper maker.  I love the prints and the simplistic style!
SmartiPants - I like the colors (especially's unusual to see black) and I like the simplicity of their design.
Rumpsack - A WAHM diaper maker.  I like the prints and fabrics that she uses.


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  1. I had the WAHM at LuckyBums make me a pocket diaper with a Tigger is so adorable!!!/pages/Luckybums-Cloth-Diapers-and-More
    I really like my TinyTush OS Pockets...they have fit well since my daughter was pretty small. The Thirsties size 1 definitely fit best when she was a newborn, though!


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