Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Cloth Diaper Celebration Week 1 - Pocket Diapers

I decided to use the month of July to talk about the cloth diapering products that I love and use everyday.  So, I wanted to talk about the type of diapers that I love the most.  We have used covers and prefolds, AI2, AIO and Hybrid diapers.  We keep going back to our favorites, the One Size Pocket diapers.

Pocket diapers are a shell of PUL or other laminate fabric with an inside of microfiber, suede cloth, rayon, hemp or organic cotton (depending on the brand you use).  They are stitched together with an opening left in the back, front or both (again, depending on brand).  They have elastic around the legs and back with closures that have snaps or aplix on the front or sides.  You use an insert of some kind; either a provided insert, a homemade insert or a prefold.  You put the insert inside the diaper between the outer shell and inside fabric through the opening.  Pocket diapers can come in sized to fit or one size styles.
Little Man at 24 days old in his OS FuzziBunz.
Our cloth diaper journey started with a stash of 24 FuzziBunz one size diapers.  I love the FuzziBunz and they still make up the majority of our stash for now.  We have now expanded to include a few OhKaty, Dinkledooz and GoGreen Pocket Diapers.  We love them each for their different qualities.

We loved the FuzziBunz when Little Man was smaller because we could fit them uniquely to his changing size so easy.  The FuzziBunz have adjustable elastic around each leg and the back.  The elastic adjusts just like kid's pants and jeans, with a button and a series of holes along the elastic.  This lends the FuzziBunz to a better fit for when they are growing.  The downside is that it takes time to readjust the elastic, so they aren't great for use with multiple babies that are different sizes because adjusting them back and forth gets time consuming.  We are going to have a certain color for each baby so we know which ones are sized for which baby.  Now we are finding that the FuzziBunz are getting harder to find that right fit for Little Man because he's gotten so big.  They are a smaller size fit on him compared to the other one size diapers that we use.  So I have a feeling that they will go exclusively to the next little one in a couple months.
Little Man in his OhKaty at 1 year.
The Oh Katy, DinkleDooz and GoGreen Pockets are all one size also.  They adjust for size by a series of snaps in the front.  We started adding these to our stash as Little Man was getting bigger, so we've only used them completely open.  I'm excited to see how they will work sized down for a smaller baby.  We love that the elastic is thinner and more stretchy than the FuzziBunz.  I also like the idea that they are so quick to adjust so you can use the same diaper on multiple kids of different sizes very easily.

The OneSize Pocket diapers fit into our lifestyle very well.  I love the snaps.  They are easy to use for everyone, so even family members change his pants with no worries or reservations.  They are easy to clean because you take the insert out.  This makes it easy to clean solids off, easy to launder and quick to dry.  They are easy to take everywhere and they are ready when I need them.  The task of re-stuffing the diapers is not that bad.  I do it while sitting down to watch TV.  I am excited to try out more brands of pocket diapers.  There are so many little variations that I don't think two brands pocket diapers are the same!  I'm also excited to share about my experience with my favorite type of diaper with all of you!


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  1. Thanks for this post! I have not tried a pocket diaper and this post explained them for me!!!!


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