Monday, August 22, 2011

Dropps Baby Review!

I have been working hard the last 7 months to find Cloth Diaper safe detergents that are truly CD safe.  We have been exploring many WAHM based businesses and detergents that you can find online or in your local baby boutiques.  Now, I am so excited to tell you about a detergent that you can find at Target.....yep, Target!

Dropps detergents are so simple, convenient and most importantly Green!  They are HE compatible, biodegradable, phosphate and chlorine free, and NPE free!  Plus, they don't use harsh enzymes.  The Dropps Baby has NO enzymes, which helps make them safe for cloth diaper laundering!

The convenience of Dropps is awesome.  They are a pre-measured packet that is biodegradable and dissolves in water.  This is very Crunchy in my book because you don't have to deal with big plastic bottles to recycle.  The waste from this product is minimal.  Since it is a pre-measured amount this makes it very easy to just toss one in and go.  The only drawback is that if you have a very small load of cloth diapers (around 6-8 diapers, or a days worth) then you still have to use a full water setting and add an extra rinse at the end to make sure that all the detergent gets rinsed out.  For a two day wash load (about 14-20 diapers), it works great!  They suggest using two packets on very full, soiled laundry loads; I didn't have a need for that yet.

I have had a problem with lingering ammonia stinkies for months now.  It would be alleviated for a short time, but it would rear its ugly head a few weeks after a good stripping.  I think that it never quite went away with stripping.  We gave our whole stash a break by using gDiapers for a few weeks.  I stripped and cleaned my whole stash before putting them away.  When I pulled them out, there was that nasty little friend called ammonia again after one use of a diaper!  I decided to use the Dropps Baby to clean all the soiled diapers.  It seemed to work so well, but I was still skeptical.  Then we took the whole 'clean' stash and washed them in a Dropps Baby hot wash cycle.  They came out smelling so clean and fresh.  Plus.....I think we have officially gotten rid of the dreaded stinkies!!!  The Dropps Baby worked so well to deep clean our entire stash!

Dropps Baby definitely has The Trophy Wife's Seal of Approval!!
Find Dropps Baby (and other Dropps products) online at the Dropps webstore and many online retailers (, and are just three of my favorites).  You can also check out their Retailor Locator.  Plus, they are also found at your local Target!


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