Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thunderstruck Thursday

I just had to share this photo for Thunderstruck Thursday, but I knew it would need a little explanation.  USD is the University of South Dakota (The Coyotes) and SDSU is South Dakota State University (The Jack Rabbits).  There has always been a long seated rivalry between the two biggest state universities.  About eight years ago, SDSU moved into a different division.  Next year, USD will join them in that division.  That is why they are advertising a game that happens next year in November!  I just thought that this sign was so funny.  Whoever thought of this is really good at marketing.  I also like that they are trying to bring back that rivalry in a good natured way.  It brings tradition back to schools that have been losing a lot of their old traditions.  And, not that I'm really that proud of my alma mater, there are some things that I just can't help myself from saying....  Go 'Yotes!


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