Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting your new stash ready!

I am at 38 weeks now and the nesting phase has come and gone.  We are officially to the 'Get this baby out of me' phase.  While trying to be patient for Peanut to make a Grand Debut, I have gotten our new stash of Newborn Diapers all ready to go.  Prepping brand new cloth diapers can be easy.  I am excited to share with you how I do it.

The first thing that I do is learn more about the brand of diaper.  Most microfiber pocket diapers can all be prepped and washed the same, but there are little variations that can make prepping them different.  Some use different types of waterproof fabric (PUL or TPU), or a different interior than microfiber.  I always check to see if is a specific way that the brand suggests to prep their diapers for first use.

To prep new cloth diapers that don't have specific instructions, I just do a hot wash cycle on heavy with an extra rinse.  I love to use Dropps for my detergent.  I think it does a very thorough job of getting any residual shipping chemicals off of the diapers. Then I dry them in the dryer on low to help set the laminated fabric.

There are exceptions to this.  Cloth diapers that have hemp or bamboo need to be prepped by themselves.  This is because there are natural oils in these fabrics that will stick to your microfiber and cause repelling.  Once prepped though, they can be washed with everything else because the oils will be gone.

Prepping hemp and bamboo diapers is the same process as other diapers.  The one difference is that you need to put them through at least 3 wash cycles.  When I only have a couple of these diapers (not enough for a small load), I just put them in with Little Man's clothes or baby blankets.  I make sure that they make it through 3 or 4 different loads with the Dropps detergent.  If you have hemp or bamboo inserts that have no snaps, you can boil these for 5 minutes in a pot on the stove in plain water.  This will release all the oils too.  I don't suggest doing this with the diaper shells though.

You can also do an overnight soak on your diapers if you want to make sure that they have a really deep clean too.  When it comes to diapers, I don't think that you can over wash them.

I also am very proud to announce a Big Event that is coming up in January!

I am so excited to get a chance to tell you all about the great newborn diapers that I will be using from Day One with Peanut.  I have invited some really amazing fluffy bloggers to join in the fun.  We will be talking about cloth diapering newborns and other great information.  We will also be sharing some great reviews (and Giveaways!!) for some pretty amazing sponsors.  These are not just limited to Newborn diapers; we will also be showcasing some one size diapers and accessories too.  So don't worry if you don't have a Newborn anymore, we don't want to leave anyone out.

Keep an eye out for more information.  Feel free to grab the Event button so everyone can join in the fun too!




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