Monday, October 31, 2011

Peanut is Home!

The RacDad brought Peanut and I home on Friday afternoon.  It was a long drive home, but I didn't have as much pain as I was anticipating.  Since we have so many stairs to get to the second floor of the house, my parents and RacDad set up my favorite recliner and Peanut's bassinet in the living room for us.  This way, I don't have to worry about going up and down stairs for this first week or so.  This has been nice because I can turn on Netflix through my Wii in the living room while Peanut nurses.  So far, we have enjoyed watching 'The Office' from the start.  We are up to Episode 46 now, which is the 3rd Season.  I never got into The Office when it first started and I don't get a chance to see new episodes often because of when they're on.  I am more interested in it now that it is syndicated and I can see two episodes a day....they just aren't in order.  So I'm excited to finally see the timeline.
My sweet family!  The RacDad, Sweet Pea, Little Man and Peanut

Sweet Pea is acclimating to having Peanut around.  She loves that she is old enough (and strong enough) to pick Peanut up out of the bassinet to sit and rock with her.  I try my hardest to not ask too much of her.  And when I do, I make sure to say, "I really need your help, do you have a moment to help me?" or "Can I ask a favor?" if it's something that I don't really need right away or could do myself.  This helps her to see that I am taking her needs or wants into consideration too and that I'm not just ordering her around.  I don't want her to feel like Cinderella.

Little Man is having a hard time with me not picking him up or letting him climb into my lap right now.  I have figured out that I can sit up on the edge of my recliner and he'll come up and gently put his head on my upper belly or chest.  Then off he goes again.  He's never been a cuddly boy, but once in a while all you need is a little hug.  He also likes when RacDad holds him so I can lean over and sneak a kiss from Little Man.  Little Man really likes his little sister.  He likes to rub the soft hair on her head and let her hold his hand.  He also says 'Baby Sister' and 'Baby'.  He stands on his tiptoes and peaks over her bassinet to watch her sleep and whispers 'Nigh nigh'.  Today I held her in my lap and he came up to give her three kisses.  Then he put one hand under her head and the other hand across her belly and looked really close at her face.  She was wide eyed and watched him so closely.  It was wonderful to see a connection already starting between them.

Peanut is still just the perfect little baby.  She sleeps 3-4 hours through the night and has a morning and early evening awake time for about an hour.  She nurses so well.  She latches on perfectly each time on the first try.  She only cries when she has a burp or a 'fluff' to let out....gas has been uncomfortable for her (and me too).

I am so blessed by my kids.  They are each just so amazing in their own little ways.  After such a hard experience, I think that The RacDad and I have decided to put up our baby making reigns.  It is really sad for me to think that she will be our last biological child.  I really love being pregnant and nursing my babies.  But I don't think that I could handle having another Cesarean and with the trauma that I have, the chance of a VBAC is very low.  We know that we can always foster or adopt when we are ready for more kids.  We also feel that the alternative options are so important because there are so many kids out there that need and deserve good families, and we want to be able to provide that for them.  But it is still a very sad realization for me that we probably won't have anymore.  We make really good babies too, but three is more than we ever expected so we are very grateful.

Happy Halloween!!!



  1. Hey there Mama - congrats on your beautiful li'l Peanut! I just caught up on your birth story and other recent posts as well. Glad to hear babe is doing so well and you continue to get stronger!

  2. awesome!!! I can smell the new sweet nummie lover scent over here!!! congrats!


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