Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby Wearing Week!

I love baby wearing.  I carried Sweet Pea in an archaic Snugli when she was a baby and I needed to vacuum.  It was very awkward to use and wasn't that secure.  It looked something like this:

Because I didn't feel very secure with it, I didn't use it very often.  I mainly just held her.  I had never heard of wraps or other baby wearing contraptions.  I started seeing people wearing Moby wraps years later when she was 4 years old and I thought to myself...why didn't we have these when she was a baby?!

Then when I was pregnant with Little Man, I knew that I just had to have some way to keep this special little bundle close to me.  I did a lot of research and I decided that those wraps I saw years earlier were what I wanted (and what was in my budget), so I made myself a Moby Wrap.  I love the wrap that I made.  In fact, I have made them for my closest friends too.  Unfortunately, Little Man was never a snuggly baby.  He has always been very independent and mobile, so he didn't like the wrap very much.  Once in a while he was happy being slung on my hip or the occasional walk facing forward when he didn't like his stroller.  But it never got used very often. He was most happy being in his swing or bouncer and only tolerated being held.  Such an independent boy!  Now that he is bigger, he thinks it is novel to be in a carrier on my back....that is until he sees something that he wants to chase after.  Then it's all bets off.

I was very excited about the idea of getting the chance to put my baby wearing skills to the test again with Peanut.  I hoped that she would be the baby wearing type of baby.  It turns out that she is!  She is happiest being supported on my chest; hearing my voice and heartbeat.  She likes being in the wrap and she likes being in a carrier.  I have gotten the opportunity to try out different kinds and I'm excited to share them with you this week!


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