Monday, November 28, 2011

Benefits to Baby Wearing

There are many different benefits to wearing your baby.  In the first few weeks and months of a baby's life, they need that touch.  They benefit greatly and develop so much better when they bond and feel secure from a person's touch.  It has been shown that when an infant has the security of the closeness at that early age, that they become much more self confident children.  They are able to soothe themselves as toddlers because they know that they are safe, and it all stems from that interaction from their parents.

There are many positive emotional affects that baby wearing can give to a child and parent, but there are also other good things too.  Baby wearing gives a parent more freedom to do the day to day things that they need to do.  Being able to feel productive can do wonders for a parent's well being; even if it's just getting a load of dishes washed.  Baby wearing gives you that freedom without guilt.  You can have two hands to change a load of laundry, help your oldest child with their homework or get dinner finished...all while holding your baby and giving them the attention that they need.

Baby wearing is helpful with sick children.  When your toddler isn't feeling well and just needs to have that cuddle time and take a little snooze on Mom's shoulder, you can do that without getting so fatigued by having to carry them around or be stuck on the couch.  You can use your wrap or carrier to help you out.

It is wonderful to use baby wearing gear for long outdoor trips.  If you are out for the day and know that your baby or toddler will get tired of sitting in the stroller or walking with you, baby wearing gives you another option too.


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