Monday, December 5, 2011

Boba Carrier Review!

I have done reviews of many different kinds of products, but I have to say that this one was one of the more interesting ones to do.  Whoever thought of the intricate design of the Boba Carrier was a genius!

On first look, the Boba Carrier looks like your basic carrier.  Simple enough; you just put the straps over your shoulders, click the latches and put in baby.  But the Boba Carrier can be SO much more!  There are so many details that they put into their carrier.  It doesn't have to be your basic carrier.  In fact, it's so much better!

To start, the Boba can be used with both toddlers and infants.  It is so versatile.  It fits men and women, big and small.  You can use it as a front carrier and a back carrier.  I was even able to carry Little Man at 28 lbs. while I was pregnant!

The RacDad is my big teddy bear.  He is 6'3" and about 280 lbs.  Other carriers that we looked at wouldn't fit him.  I am so impressed that the Boba Carrier fits him well and even has slack left in the straps.


I love that the Boba Carrier fits men and women on all sizes and can be a front and back carrier.  I really love that it fits toddlers and infants with no need for extra inserts or accessories.  Here are the other details that made the Boba Carrier so unique and user friendly:

There is a sunshade
It rolls right into the pocket.
It has snaps that hold it inside the pocket.
This strap makes the head area tighter
or more loose when carrying an infant.

It is adjustable by snaps and is behind the sunshade inside the pocket.

There is a slider on the side for the strap that secures
the shoulder straps.
The slider moves up and down.
There is also a strap with a snap
to secure your bag.  
The shoulder straps are adjustable
on the top and bottom and there is an
elastic strip that secures it down.
There are snaps inside to secure
the waist strap up for infant carrying.

There are foot straps that are removable and
adjustable with the black strap.  It is secured with snaps.

The foot straps can also slide forward and back as needed.
There is an open pocket on the waist strap for cell phones
or other things that you'd want to access easily.
Behind the open pocket is a zippered pocket
for other things to keep safe.
All of the latches are very sturdy.

I am very impressed by the ease of use and the attention to detail that makes the Boba Carrier such an amazing product.  It is also one of the most versatile carriers that I have found.

Boba has this Trophy Wife's Seal of Approval!


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