Friday, January 13, 2012

Bumcessories Review

Bumcessories is a really great WAHM.  I have the pleasure of knowing her personally and I am so very excited to get a chance to share about her diapers with you all.

I really love the diaper that was sent to me.  It was a newborn sized diaper.  Bumcessories diapers are a pocket diaper.  They have touch tape (velcro) closure, a waterproof outer material and a stay dry layer inside (fleece).  The pocket opening is in the front of the diaper.  When we first got it, I didn't think that I'd like it.  I thought that it looked like it would be way too wide in the crotch area, plus it has velcro.  I'm not a fan of velcro.  I was going to give it a good try though.  It turns out that it was one of my favorites to use!

Unlike other velcro closure diapers, I really like how her velcro works.  It is soft to the touch and doesn't have a large pill to it, but it still holds very well.  It also stays closed in the wash!  I didn't have any problems with snags at all.  Once I stuffed it, it didn't look so wide in the crotch.  I used what I had on hand to stuff it, a small FuzziBunz microterry insert.  It filled the diaper all the way to the opening, but it worked well.  I think it helped it close up around the legs well.  This diaper fit so well from day one.  I never had a single leak.  It fit snug, even around her tiny little legs.  This diaper went all the way from 6 lbs to 13 lbs.  I did have to change my inside stuffing to hemp so that it would have good absorbency and be a little thinner than the microfiber.  This let the diaper have less bulk so it would fit longer.

The diaper also washed up really well.  It dried quickly and didn't stain.  I also like the colored interior fabric. The elastic that she uses is stretchy yet firm.  The diaper is very durable.  I would say that the quality of her work is amazing!  I also like that she has 5 different sizes.  She will take your child's body type into consideration when making your diapers.  She even explains how she figures rise, so you will get a perfect fit every time.  Bumcessories uses custom fabrics that change all the time too.

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Bumcessories has generously offered every OTTW reader a discount to her store.  
Just use the code:  trophywife10.


* Thank you so much to Bumcessories for providing a newborn diaper for this review.  I was not compensated for my review.  All pictures and information is property of OTTW.  All use of pictures is prohibited without permission from The Trophy Wife.*


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    1. I love it too. It was a soft outer with the PUL hidden underneath it.


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