Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finding Newborn Cloth Diapers

Finding diapers can be a time consuming process.  For those of us who are addicted to cloth (yes, it really does happen), we don't mind spending our free time while the kids sleep searching the web for tips on new and exciting cloth diapers.  For those of you who are new to cloth, it can be overwhelming.  I wrote a post a while back explaining some of the details of cloth diapering.  Now I'm going to share some of my favorite tips to finding diapers, specifically for your newborn.

Online - You can spend hours, days, even months searching all of the thousands of online stores and bargain places to find cloth diapers.  Here were my favorite places to look when I was searching for newborn diapers for Peanut.
  • Wee Little Changes - They have a great Newborn Diaper rental program.  The diapers are all pocket or AIO, so they are super easy to use and clean.  Everything is so easy to find in their online store.  They have great discounts and plenty of selections of great products.
  • EcoBuns - They have a very interesting "Try before you buy" program.  You can try out 5 different types of diapers and some accessories for 2 weeks for $25.  This is really great if you are starting out and you are not quite sure if you want to cloth diaper or if you are unsure of what kind of diaper you want to use.
  • Go Green Diapers - They are one of my favorites for economical diapers and wetbags.  They also have great products like 'adapt-a-snap' that can make your snap diapers into aplix diapers without having to alter them by sewing.
  • Cloth Diapers Inc. - They make the most amazing wipe spray.  It has a great soft scent and witch hazel to help heal red little bottoms.  It cleans really well.
  • Etsy - Is a great place to find WAHM (Work at Home Mom) made cloth diapers.  Support a Mom, support a family!
  • Hyena Cart - Another great resource to find some amazing WAHM products.
In stores - If you would prefer to shop in person so you can look and feel diapers.

  • Find a brand that you like and search for their 'Where To Buy' page.  You can usually look up a store near you there.  For example:  FuzziBunz Where To Buy
  • There are chain stores that are starting to carry cloth diapers.  One of them is Walmart!  The brand is Mabu Baby.  You can find your local Walmart here.

eBay and Craigslist -

  • You can always look for diapers on eBay.  I would be very cautious about working only with people that have plenty of positive feedback and only buy things that are new.
  • If you are going to look for diapers on Craigslist, be very cautious.  Check the diapers over carefully for stains, worn fabric, snaps, velcro and elastic.  Ask how they've been washed.  Feel free to decline if you are unsure.  Always know that there can be a risk when you buy used diapers.  If you have a friend that is a seasoned cloth diaperer, take them along to see the diapers before you buy.

Enter giveaways -

Make your own -

  • If you are good with a sewing machine (or have the patience to learn), then making your own diapers can be fun and worth the savings!
  • You can find patterns on Etsy.
  • You can also find free patterns here and here.
  • Just remember that diaper companies have patents on their designs, so if you get into the business of making diapers to sell, please do research on your design to make sure that it's not already patented.  Some companies will license you to be registered to recreate their designs.

Good luck and happy hunting!


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