Monday, January 30, 2012

GroVia Review

I am saving my most favorite of the newborn sized diapers that I tried out for last.  They are the GroVia AIO newborn cloth diapers.  I absolutely loved them.

There are many things that I loved about the GroVia Newborn AIO diapers.  I love the prints and colors.  They are so cute.  They have a lot of selections for boy, girl and neutral colors and prints.  My favorite was the Mod Flower and the Cloud.  I really loved how they have extra snaps in the front so that the rise can be lowered to accommodate the umbilical cord area.  This makes them perfect to use right from the start.  I also liked that the interior is natural cotton (instead of the typical microfiber) and the outer is TPU.  They are technically AIOs because the absorbent layer is sewn on the inside, but it's not inside the diaper.  It is loose allowing it to be folded as needed for wetness protection (higher for boys, lower for girls) and it allows the absorbent layer to be washed and dried on both sides.
At 6 lbs with rise snapped down.

It's difficult to explain what I didn't like about them because it is caused by one of the reasons that they are my favorites.  I really didn't like that they took forever to wash and dry.  They were the only diapers that stained.  They took two wash cycles and two dry cycles, plus I had to hang them overnight to get them to finish drying.  They were very absorbent; which is good for using, but not so fun for washing.  This is because they use cotton instead of mircofiber.  Because I love that they use a natural fiber (perfect for those really sensitive babies!!), it is something that I didn't like, but I was happy to live with.  My other complaint is that when they were getting too small (by 10 lbs!) they leaked out of the leg areas.  I think it's because of the cute gathering around the edges.  I think that if the inner cotton fabric wasn't exposed by that, then they probably wouldn't have leaked and I could have used them a little longer.  I really wish we could have used them longer, they were the first ones that she grew out of.
8 lbs.
8 lbs. Cute ruffle at legs.
I still think that their pros far outweigh their cons.  I can't wait for an opportunity to try more GroVia products.  I really loved these diapers, even with the few inconveniences...they were the ones that I was going for first.  And they are the ones that I'm the most sad that I can't use anymore.

10 lbs.  Already on the last snaps.
10 lbs.  Little legs are getting chunky!
GroVia definitely gets this Trophy Wife's Seal of Approval!


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  1. Hey! I'm found you through the blog hop at mommydigger and I'm following you!
    I am making the switch to cloth diapers. Can't wait!


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