Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Smarti Smartipants Review

As most of you know, I am a big fan of SmartiPants onesize diapers.  I love working with SmartiPants.  Their designs are so unique and their quality is always top notch.  They sent me a Little Smarti to try out with Peanut.  Little Smartis are made specifically for newborn babies.  They are different from the regular SmartiPants because they are sized for newborns.  They are also an All In One (AIO) diaper, meaning that they have a waterproof cover sewn to the microterry inner and they are stuffed with an insert that is not removable.  They are closed with Velcro instead of snaps.

Peanut first wore this diaper at 6 lbs 10 oz.  It fit very well around the waist, but like most of the newborn diapers we tried, there was a little gaping around the legs.  Luckily though, this gap didn't cause too much of a problem because the absorbent core soaked up everything and there were no leaks.  I liked how the waist fit comfortably.  Even though it was up over her umbilical cord, it was soft enough to not cause irritation.  I also liked how easy this was for other people to use.  Just like a disposable; no inside to stuff or snaps to adjust.

At 8 lbs, there was still plenty of room left to grow into these diapers.  I accidentally forgot to change her after one feeding and she was in this diaper for 2.5 hours.  It was stuffed when I went to change it!  There was a little wetness around the leg openings of her onesie, but it held in all of the solids...and for a breastfed baby, that's quite the accomplishment for any diaper!  It was fitting very well around the legs and still fastened tight around the waist.

The Little Smarti was the last diaper that we were able to use out of our Newborn specific sized diapers.  It fit well up to 12 lbs and 23 inches.  The rise was starting to get short, but she is a very long baby.  I really loved how easy it was to launder too.  It never stained, everything washed out of it easily.  It also dried just as fast as my empty pocket diapers.  This diaper is probably the easiest to use and wash that I've found.  I guess there's a reason why SmartiPants diapers already has the Trophy Wife's Seal of Approval!

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