Monday, January 23, 2012

Mother-ease Wizard Uno Review

We were sent from Mother-ease Cloth Diapers the Wizard Uno AIO cloth diaper in size extra small to use.  I love how the innovative design makes it the easiest AIO to wash and dry.

The insert is sewn into the interior of the diaper like other AIOs.  What makes it different is that the interior is sewn to the outer shell on the top and bottom; leaving the sides open.  This allows for the interior to get washed and dried from both sides, making it easier to clean and quicker to dry.  I also liked how this also made a dual gusset type of protection.

We first used it on Peanut when she was 8 lbs.  It has a scoop in the front that allows for the diaper to sit down below the belly button.  The interior fit snug around her legs even though the outer shell was a little loose around the leg openings.  I was sure that it would leak like the others did because of the gap, but it didn't.  I even kept it on her for 3 hours.  She had a large soupy breast milk poo and it never leaked.  I was so impressed.  I know that we would have been able to use this diaper at 6 lbs even though the outer shell didn't fit snug around her legs.

We continued to use it on her at 12 lbs and it was fitting wonderfully at that point.  It never left a red mark and it was trim underneath her clothes.  It never stained and was very easy to wash.  I still use it on her at 14 lbs.  The rise is a little short, but it still fits well around the waist and legs.  This is one of the longest lasting diapers in our newborn stash!

I was very impressed by the Mothers Ease Cloth Diapers Wizard Uno diaper.  It is one of my favorite AIO diapers.  It comes in multiple sizes too, so you can use the style all the way to potty training.  The only thing that I would add to it is some girly colors and prints too.


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