Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Troubleshooting Diaper Problems

After choosing the type of diaper that you want to use for your newborn, there are a few things to do before they are ready.  The first thing to do with your newborn diapers is to prep them for use.  I suggest doing this when you are about 32 weeks along so that they are ready to go right from the start.  Here is a link to my post for new to cloth parents; it explains the different styles of cloth diapers and other great information.  To prep your stash means to wash them and have them clean and dry for your first diaper use.

When your diapers are prepped and ready to go, the next step is to figure out where you are going to keep them.  Cloth diapers do take up more room than their counterpart, the disposable diaper.  I personally like to keep mine in a cute box nicely stuffed and folded.  That way I can just reach out and grab one when I need it.  The box is on top of the dresser next to the cloth wipe warmer.

When you have a problem with leaks, the first step is to look at how the diaper fits.  If there is a gap in the legs or waist that is too big, that could cause a leak.  If part of the interior fabric is sticking out of the back, waist or legs, that could cause a leak too.  I've even found out that if your diaper is fitted too tight, that will also cause leaks.  I always go by the rule of thumb for fit.....if I can easily slip my thumb in between the elastic and my baby and easily pull the diaper out a finger width, then it should be a good fit.  If it is more tight or loose than that, then I readjust the diaper.

If fit is not the problem, then your next step is to look at repelling problems.  Repelling is when the fabric doesn't absorb liquids.  Repelling could be caused by build up of detergent or minerals from your water.  All you need to do is strip your diapers.  Also make sure that you are not using non cloth diaper diaper creams or petroleum based products on your baby when they are wearing cloth diapers.  These products cause repelling problems in cloth diapers and they will also void most warranties.  One other factor to repelling is the type of detergent that you use.  I strongly suggest using a cloth diaper specific detergent like Rockin Green, Crunchy Clean, or Ruby Moon; to name a few.  They are less likely to cause build up problems than name brand detergents.

If all else fails and you just need a little advice....always feel free to leave me a question or send me an email.  I always love to help if I can.  thetrophywife (at) obsessionsottw (dot) com


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