Monday, February 20, 2012

Breathable Baby Review and Giveaway! - CLOSED

There has been a lot of talk over the years about how unsafe traditional crib bumpers can be.  But yet, we still use them because that's what has always been done, right?  Well, there really is a better alternative!  Something better than the thick padding and broken straps because we don't untie them to put new sheets on.

Breathable Baby Crib Liners are amazing!  They are exactly that....a liner.  They don't bulge over the top of the mattress like a traditional bumper.  They do provide a nice padding so that your little one doesn't get bumped in the night when they accidentally roll into the bars of the crib.  This also protects their little arms and legs from getting stuck between bars too.  Yet, the padding also provides a lot of air flow.  This allows the baby to be perfectly safe and comfortable at the same time!  The liner edge slides between the mattress and the crib bars.  This allows the mattress edges to be exposed so that sheet changes are super easy.  Plus, that also helps prevent gaps between the edge of the mattress and the crib so your child can't get stuck.

I was so impressed by everything with Breathable Baby.  The website is full of really great information on safety and SIDS.  The company really does have the safety of your little one in mind!  When you get your Breathable Baby Crib Liner, it comes with many different directions on how to use the liner.  There are directions for standard cribs, oval cribs, solid back and solid side cribs.  It is missing one set of directions though, and that's for the type of cribs that both Little Man and Peanut have....the large slat in the middle type of crib.  So, I am going to show you all how to put the liner onto that type of crib!

There are two liners, a long one and a short one.  The short one has the print on the outside and the long one has the print on the inside.  The long one is meant to go along the back and sides of the crib; while the short one goes on the front.  That way, when it is on, you can see the print on all sides.  There is velcro on the sides that you use to fasten the liners to the crib.  There is a tie on the top center of each liner to secure the middle of each liner and keep it from drooping.

For a crib that has a large slat in the middle of the front and back, you have to shift the liners to one side.  This will make the print face outward of the front and one side with the short liner.  With the long liner, it will be inward on the back, the other side and meet up with the edges of the short liner.  Just choose which side that you want it to face out of.  (The following is shown below in the pictures.)  Then take the tie in the middle of the short liner and tie it next to the large slat in the front.  Then wrap your short liner around to fit.  Then do the same with the long liner and fit the long liner to meet with the short liner.  This product is so innovative.  There really isn't anything I've found like it out there.  It helps parents to sleep securely knowing that their children are safe and comfortable at night!

1.  Tie middle of short liner in front.
2.  Fit one side of short liner around one side.
3.  Fit the other side of short liner on the front.
4.  Tie middle of long liner to the back.
5.  Fit long liner on the outside past the edge of short liner.
6.  Fit other side of long liner around side and
to the outside past the short liner on front.
This is what the corner looks like from the inside.
The hard panels are protected by the liner and make it soft.

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