Friday, March 16, 2012

Nightly posts

It seems that my regular routine is taking a turn from morning to night.  We are busy busy busy.  With little ones growing up way too fast and the feeling that summer is already here with our 80 degree days, I feel the week just slip right through my fingers.

We are working hard to get our ducks in a row.  We've been living at my parent's house since September while our house was being sold.  It hasn't sold yet, but we have been itching to get into a place of our own for a while now.  (I'm sure I'll talk more about this experience once it's over.)  Lo and behold, we finally found a place to call home....for now.  It's a great apartment.  We move in April 1st.  Which is one of my favorite days of the year.  Sweet Pea will finally have her own room again.  Little Man and Peanut will be rooming together, so please pray for my sanity those first few weeks while we get them acclimated to that.  But we'll have pools, theater rooms and fitness centers to use.  We are hoping to get into shape and let the kids have a ton of fun while we adjust to apartment living again.  Our sweet Layla will stay here though.  We will miss her greatly, but she'll have fun with my parents, Piper and the three cats.  And we'll get to have her back again someday when we can get a house.

So bear with me while we are transitioning yet again.  Your support this year has meant so much to me.

And, if you're Irish like my family.....or even if you're not.....

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


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