Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wubbanub Review and Giveaway!!

So, Peanut does not like pacifiers.  I have tried since she was born to get her to take a pacifier.  I don't buy into the whole 'nipple confusion' belief.  I think that only happens when their latch isn't good to begin with.  But if they're nursing well, I see no problem introducing a pacifier.  I believe in the statistics that prove a pacifier at bedtime can aid in the prevention of SIDS...of course, it isn't a guarantee, but it is a good aid.  Just like not using a traditional bumper in the crib.

We have tried every brand and every style of pacifiers.  Once in a while she will suck on one for a couple of minutes, but it usually ends up on the floor.  The one that she will prefer over others is the traditional Soothie.  After watching her knock her pacifier out of her mouth, I started wondering if she wasn't trying to hold onto it.  That's when I came across Wubbanub.  They are the cutest little stuffed animals with a Soothie attached to them.  It has to be one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.  When I first saw them, I thought that the stuffed animal was going to be pretty big, but it turns out that they are small...perfect size for a baby to hold onto.  At first, she didn't suck on the pacifier like I hoped that she would, but she does love holding onto it.  She put the pacifier in her mouth and rolled it on her tongue and blew bubbles around it.  Now, she obviously loves it and it has become her security toy.  She holds it, plays with the stuffed animal and uses the animal to help her find the pacifier when she wants it.  Here is a demonstration for you all.  (I warn you....it might just be one of the cutest things you'll see today.)

Wubbanub has won The Trophy Wife's Seal of Approval!  Check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. I love my 2 girls and of course the color...blue :)

  2. I love my puppy dogs!!

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