Monday, April 16, 2012

Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Review AND Giveaway!! - CLOSED

My cloth diaper addiction over the last 2 years has primarily circulated around pocket style cloth diapers.  I thought I had seen every style of pocket diaper that could be made.  Then I came across Glow Bug Cloth Diapers!  Even though they look a lot like many of the other pocket diaper brands out there, they have some very subtle and, in my opinion, ingenious differences.

From the get go, what piqued my interest with Glow Bug diapers were their prints.  They have some of the coolest prints that I've seen for boys and for girls!  I love the huge selection.  I would not be able to choose, so I guess it's a good thing that they put one of each print in their packages.  The only choice you have to make is 'boy' or 'girl'.  That is the one downside though, you have to buy them in packages of 12 for prints and a package of 6 for solid colors.  For someone like me who has an established stash, it's hard to commit to 12 more diapers.  But I assure you that you will not regret adding them to your mix!

There are other subtle differences that make Glow Bug diapers some of my favorites.  I love the elastic that they use!  It is very thin, which I love because it conforms around legs and waists better than thick elastic.  It is also very strong and stretchy.  I really like that because it holds well around the legs and back so there are no gaps, and it doesn't cause red marks at all.  Plus it is not bulky.

Another great feature is the interior.  It has a poly fabric on the inside with PUL lining the edges of the top and bottom.  Now, I know that I've complained about PUL on the interior before, but what makes this different is that the PUL is soft side out.  So it is soft against baby's skin, but it provides an extra barrier to keep leaks away.  There are no problems with compression leaks out of the top!  I like the poly fabric on the inside too because it doesn't pill and stays soft.  Plus it wicks moisture away fast.  I also like that the insert has a snap.  This keeps it in place during washing and wearing.  You can use it like a pocket, snap the insert in like an AIO, or snap the insert and leave it out like an AI2!  So versatile!  I love that everything is top stitched.  This holds the elastic and the fabric in place and helps the diaper retain it's shape wash after wash.

These diapers fit wonderfully on both Little Man and Sweet Pea.  Little Man is now 2 years old.  He is 34 inches and 32 lbs.  Sweet Pea is 5 months old, 25 inches and 17 lbs.  With just a simple snap down adjustment, this diaper easily went from Little Man to Sweet Pea.  Plus, I only adjusted it to the middle setting for Sweet Pea, so I know that this diaper would very easily fit a newborn that is around 8 lbs.

Little Man
Sweet Pea
Glow Bug Diapers have won The Trophy Wife's Seal of Approval!  I highly recommend adding some to your stash.  They are very affordable, cute and durable.  I would also suggest these for a first time stash too!

You can purchase Glow Bug Cloth Diapers at their online store.  
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Glow Bug Cloth Diapers has generously offered one lucky reader a cloth diaper of their own!  

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  1. My go-to Grovia snap-ins, or maybe a Baby Kicks 3G. 

  2. My swaddlebees monkey print

  3. grovia blackberry or mod circle, i'm getting my sister to use grovia planes on her sposie baby! :)

  4. If there was one near us I'd use our BG!

  5. Rump a rounds

  6. Sunbaby Flowers and Butterflies

  7. I won't be using any diapers as my big boy is 4 and potty trained but I am researching, talking to others, and finding great deals on cloth diapers this weekend!!! Thanks!

  8. I unfortunately won't be participating in the GCDC because my babe is still in the womb! But I would love to try Glow Bugs!

  9. I will be using a prefold, with a snappi and an Oeko Popo diaper cover. <3

  10. I am going to be using a Soft Bums aplix

  11. gDiapers! 

  12. grovia AI2, probably owls or planes

  13. I did not get to go! But, I changed one of my babies at home @ the time, into a fuzzibunz. I do not like fuzzibunz, as they are really hard to stuff! But I am new, and did not know that yet. Thank you for your review of the glow bugs, they definitely seem like something I need to add to my stash!

  14. Well it's over and there was no place anywhere near me anyways!  LOL Dd is potty trained and I don't think she would have let me put a diaper on her for it. We are TTC so maybe next year we will be changing a diaper!


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