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Kushies Review

Kushies is a Canadian company that I am very excited to tell you about.  They produce a large line of products.  We have used some of their bedding and wet bags before and I loved them.  So I was very excited to get a chance to review their brand new line of diapers!  Kushies is a really amazing company.  They have very high standards of quality in everything that they do.  They also work very hard to make sure that they are not only providing quality products, but also quality service.  In fact, it was really refreshing to work with a company that tried hard to make sure that everything was perfect.

We had the opportunity to start with a review of their brand new line of diapers, the Kushies XP diapers.  What make the XP diapers different than their other lines is that they are using microfiber inside.  All their other diapers have 100% cotton flannel!  We used the XP AIO on Peanut and the XP Pocket on Little Man.  At first glance, they were very different from other diapers that I have used.  They were much larger in overall size, they have a large area for the Velcro to fasten to, and there was no elastic around the waist.  I was intrigued to try them out.  We then got a chance to compare the XP line to their Ultra-Lite line.  The AIOs are all the same design with just a difference of type of material on the inside.

There is a definite learning curve with these diapers.  As you can see, their rise is very high.  Peanut was 17 lbs and in the pink diaper.  Little Man was 30 lbs and in the Orange.  Even though we could put the pink diaper on Little Man, it couldn't hold up to toddler sized use.  I learned that you can angle the velcro tabs to customize the fit.  I found that if I angled them downward, it helped to tighten the waist and still leave room for those chunky monkey thighs!

The XP line has a nice selection of colors; a good mix of girl, boy AND neutral.  The bright colors are very vibrant and fun!  The Ultra-Lite line have a very large selection of really fun prints; again with many girl, boy and neutral choices.

I had some big problems with leaks at first.  It took some time to figure out how to put them on.  Plus, I think that they need more than just one wash before use.  I would prep the XP line thoroughly before use with a couple of washes or a good strip.  With the Ultra-Lite line, they need to be washed 4-5 times and get more absorbent with subsequent washes.  Also, sizing is very important.  Even though they look big to start, you really want to use the correct sizing for absorbency.  They do move into a comfortable position after you put them on.

The XP line uses a microfiber that is very soft and it hasn't pilled at all.  I also like that the PUL that they use is very soft and flexible.  The elastic around the legs is stretchy and not stiff.  I really love that their other diaper lines are made with 100% cotton flannel.  Like all natural fabric diapers, they take longer to dry than the microfiber.  They are a great alternative if you want to use all natural fibers on your baby.  Plus, they are perfect for those of you that have kids that are sensitive to man made fabrics!  I liked the XP line just as much as I liked the Ultra-Lite line.

You can find Kushies online, on Facebook and on Twitter!

So here is a little break down of the differences of each diaper.

XP Pocket:
  • Large contoured insert.  The insert filled every bit of space inside the diaper.  It was a little intimidating at first, but I loved how it really allowed for maximum use of space for absorbency.
  • Top stitched around the legs.  I really loved how well it kept the elastic in place.
  • Large opening along the back to stuff the insert.  This made it easy to get the insert in and out.
  • The absorbent core is only attached at the back, like a flap.  This allows it to be washed and dried easily.
  • No stuffing, just put on and go.
  • No top stitching around the legs.
Ultra-Lite AIO:
  • 100% cotton flannel inside!
  • The absorbent core is only attached at the back.  Very easy to wash and dry.
  • No top stitching around the legs.
Now, here are the things that I personally thought could use a little upgrading:
  • I think that there needs to be elastic around the waist, even if it's just a little around the back.  As kids move, their bellies change shape.  So I think that they would be more comfortable in a diaper that moved with them.  I also think that it would cut down on poo blow outs.  These diapers have a little problem with blow goes straight out the back even when fitted well.  It didn't matter if it was breastfed poo or toddler poo.
  • I don't like that the velcro tabs are not fastened to the edge of the diaper.  I find that when I'm in a hurry and don't fit the diaper perfectly that it allows for the front edge of the diaper to roll outward, exposing the inside and causing leaks (as shown below).  I also think that the velcro is really stiff and very rough.  I prefer touch tape to traditional velcro.  The tabs to fasten them to for washing are half the size of the velcro tab and I find that they don't stay closed in the wash every time.

  • With the AIO style, there is a need for top stitching.  If you take your time and fit the diaper perfectly, there is no problem.  But when you are in a rush or have a toddler rolling around to get to a toy, then that's when it gets tricky.  The XP Pocket diaper has top stitching around the legs and it works really well.  The lack of top stitching allows the elastic on the inside to roll, especially after a few washes (as shown in the picture below).  That causes the edges to roll inward allowing the PUL to get wet on the outside of the fabric, causing leaks.  A little top stitching would keep that elastic where it's supposed to be.

As I have said many times before....different diapers work for different people.  That's why there are so many different styles!  I urge you all to give these a try.  I found that for me, it took a little time to get used to them, but they do work well.  Plus, Kushies is such a great company and it really shows that they really want their customers to be satisfied!


**I don't think I have ever worked so hard on a review....but it was well worth it.  I really took my time with the Kushies diapers and put them to the test.  Kushies provided me with an infant size XP AIO, a toddler size XP pocket, and infant and toddler sized Ultra-Lite AIOs for the purpose of this review.  All information is the opinion of OTTW.  Your interaction with this product and company may differ from that of OTTW.  All opinions and pictures are under copyright and may not be used without permission from OTTW.**


  1. Jennifer GardnerMay 12, 2012 at 8:57 AM

    it's interesting that they don't have elastic around the waist.  That is one of the (many) reasons that we all use cloth over disposables - to prevent or eliminate blowouts and the main way they do that is elastic around the waist.  Thanks for the thorough and honest review!

  2. I do urge everyone to give them a try.  They are nice diapers.  But, I think the no elastic on the waist would be my biggest complaint.  It's not a big problem, just one of those little details.  It's remedied by adjusting how you fasten the tabs on front.  But like you said, the easiest way to prevent blowouts is the elastic around the waist....or even just around the back.  Thank you for the feedback!


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