Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh My Cupcakes!

Hello everyone.  I have to talk today about something that I am extremely passionate about......cake.

Yes, I love cake.  I eat cake for breakfast, snack, fun....whenever.  (I don't, however, like frosting...strange, I know.)  The best part about weddings, graduations and birthdays is cake.  My favorite is white or vanilla cake...I tend to be a very vanilla type of person.  So I get very excited whenever I get a chance to eat cake.

Living in Omaha, we had eateries everywhere.  You couldn't go 3 blocks without seeing a mom and pop doughnut shop, bakery, ice cream shop, or cupcake store.  I love those small business shops that cater to their customers and are passionate about what they's different than franchised stores.  So when we moved up to Sioux Falls, that was the biggest thing that I miss!  It took me two months to find something other than the bakery at the grocery store.

The RacDad was watching the news one early morning while I was getting ready for my out-of-the-house job.  He came in and said, "You know how you've been complaining lately?"  I sheepishly replied, "Yes."  He then told me that he saw on the news about a cupcake store IN Sioux Falls!  They open early and they are on my way to the shop.  I was a little more excited as I skipped out the door....30 minutes early.

I stopped into Oh My Cupcakes!, which is right next to one of my favorite places in the world....The Sioux Falls Falls.  It is such a cute little shop and they are so nice and happy....but how can you not be happy surrounded by such beautiful and delicious little pillows of heaven?

I have to say that the sight was breathtaking.  Their cupcakes are SO beautiful; each flavor having it's own presentation design and all of them sprinkled with edible glitter.  (I now believe that all cake deserves to have a little glitter.)  I picked out a set of 'Yesterday's Best' to take home, plus one Razz My Berries and the June special of Strawberry Rhubarb.  I was in love as I drove off with my box of beautiful cupcakes carefully placed in the passenger seat.

So if you happen to be in the Sioux Falls area, I strongly suggest that you stop by and get yourself a special little treat.  They have a schedule of when they feature all their different flavors, so you can go every day and get something new!

If you're not in Sioux Falls......didn't I mention that they are now shipping Nationwide?!

I highly recommend the Strawberry Rhubarb and the Strawberry Shortcake for breakfast.  They are light, fluffy and so wonderfully fresh.  The Oh Crumbs! is perfect for a late night indulgence after the kids go to bed.

524 N. Main Ave. Suite 106, Sioux Falls, SD
Summer Hours:  
Monday-Wednesday: 8am-2pm
Thursday-Saturday: 8am-6pm
Find them online:

If you stop by....tell them Hi from The Trophy Wife!  And if you feel really could always bring me one too.


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