Saturday, June 16, 2012

The RacDad

So, Father's Day is tomorrow.  I am blessed to have some really amazing men in my life....between my Grandfather, my Dad, my Brother and others.  But I am most blessed to have found the love of my life.....and ours is that of fairy tales.

For myself and The Raconteur Daddy, we banter back and forth all the time.  It can be about any type of subject.  We have been married for nearly 10 years now and have been best friends for 14 years.  You'd think we'd run out of trivial things to talk about; but we don't.  As my Mom says, "You guys are so funny.  Don't you ever shut up?"

So I thought I would let you all in on a bit of the conversations that we've been rehashing for the last 14 years.  But first a little background.  The RacDad and I have a "mixed marriage".  He's from West River and I'm from East River (it's much funnier if you know South Dakota).  There are some very big differences in lifestyles between the two that I can explain further in another post someday.

So, one big discussion is about what you call a place that raises animals.  For me, it's called a farm.  For The RacDad it's a ranch.  That's the first things that we think of when we see cattle and it sparks a debate between us....not that either of us is necessarily wrong.  The reason I think 'farm' is because on the East side of the state, we have farms.  Farms that have animals usually keep them in pens or fenced in areas.  For The RacDad it's 'ranch' because that's what they have on the West side of the state.  Lots and lots of open space for animals to roam and usually cowboys to herd them.

We used to always bicker about which was better, a Corvette or a Viper.  I had to concede that argument when Dodge decided to stop making the Viper.  It was a sad day.

No matter what our debates are about, or how much we can agree to disagree, there are two things that we always agree wholeheartedly on.  The first is how much we love each other and spend everyday making sure the other knows it.  And the second is the love for our children and our goals on how we want them raised.  With those two things, we have the world.  I am more than thankful to have found that perfect person to spend my life with.

Happy Father's Day


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