Monday, September 10, 2012

Anecdotes of my kids....

I love how my kids have such a great sense of humor.  That's something that I think you're born with.  Sweet Pea and Little Man are both really great at telling jokes.  I love it when Little Man tells me his favorite knock knock jokes....even when he tells the same one 10 times in a row.  (He is only 2 years old.)

But what I love the most is when they are unintentionally funny.  Those little things that they do for the first time that are just so cute....until you realize that it won't be cute when they are 12.  So, I thought I'd share a few with you from this week.

Me:  How was school today?  Are you ready for the weekend?
Sweet Pea:  Everything was great at school.  But I am ready for the rest of my life because I know exactly what I'm going to do!
Me:  (a little shocked at such a profound statement)  What?
Sweet Pea:  Yep.  I'm all set. (And with a grin, she heads off to her room.)

Me:  Little Man, whatcha doin'?
Little Man:  I don't know....What?

Little Man and I were in the bathroom (potty training has started.)  Peanut is crawling towards us.
Little Man:  Mommy...Pea is get you.
Peanut (from the hallway):  Gi tu.  hehehe

At Peanut's baptism last weekend, Little Man decided that he wanted to come up to the pulpit.  So The RacDad was holding him through the ceremony.  At the Apostles Creed, he wanted to join he started singing Happy Birthday.  I thought our Pastor was going to lose it...he wanted to laugh so bad.  Then at the lighting of the candle, Little Man sang it again!  The RacDad swears that Little Man would try to blow out the candle if it had gotten close enough.  Our Pastor afterward commented on how cute it was.  I don't think the congregation heard though. of my favorites...

Me:  What do you want for breakfast?
Little Man:  Cookies!
Me:  How about Kix?
Little Man:  Cookies!
Me:  How about a Banana?
Little Man:  Cookies!
Me:  Cheerios?
Little Man:  Cookies!
Me:  Applesauce?
Little Man:  Cookies!
Me:  Milk?
Little Man: (slight pause) Ice Cream!!!!


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