Friday, September 14, 2012

Changing diapers

I just realized that it has been a VERY long time since I've 'talked fluff'.  I am getting ready to do a great review for you all, and I'm sure you're going to love it.  But I thought that I would share a little bit about what's going on in our fluff life.

Peanut is getting so big.  She has those big chunky thighs that I just love so much.  At 10 months, she is not yet pulling herself up to stand or any inclination of walking yet, but she is crawling all over the place now. She loves being upright though, so we let her have fun time in her exersaucer during the day.  I used to dread using it though because the compression leaks were horrible when we used her pocket diapers.  I mean....SOAKED!  I can't tell you how many times I've pulled the seat cover out and washed it.  She also hasn't gotten through a night without leaking through her overnight diapers....pockets stuffed with 2 hemp inserts.

We finally got a chance recently, from a wonderful local Mummie, to try out some bamboo fitted diapers.  It was our first experience with a snappi and fitted diapers.  The RacDad was in love!  She has never once leaked through, not even compression leaks!  We have even accidentally forgotten to change her and she wasn't leaky after 3 hours.  It's amazing.  They fit so well because they are completely adjustable to specific snap settings and even better, no velcro!  And her covers are so great too!  So, now I have a dilemma.  Do I sell all my super adorable pocket diapers now that I have achieved the 'perfect girl stash' so I can get more fitteds and covers?  Or do I just work hard to try to pad my fitted stash and hang on to the pockets for when she does get mobile and starts to thin out a little?   I tell you what though....these fitteds are just as adorable as her pocket stash...and her covers are just as cute too!  I don't mind the 'two step' approach as much as I thought I would.  In fact, I really prefer it because I don't necessarily have to use the cover when we are at home!

Little Man is 2 years old and starting to potty train.  He is down to 4 diaper changes a day because his bladder control is just that good.  So we are starting to think about transitioning to training pants for him.  I've tried snapping his pockets more loose so that he can pull them up and down...but the 'wings' get in the way and it seems to be a little frustrating for us both.

All sorts of changes around here when it comes to diapers.  I am excited to get a chance to get hands on, full time experience with these new styles so that I can share more about them with you!


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