Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kayleigh's Duds Fleece Cover Review

The RacDad and I are starting to convert.  Yep, our beloved pockets are slowly being replaced by a new style of diapers....fitteds.  I never thought I'd be a huge fan of fitteds, but after using a few on Peanut, I am hooked!  So, I had to learn what worked best for us to use with our favorite new style; covers or fleece.  Well, we like both.  I like covers for when we are out and about and carrying Peanut a lot, or when she's playing in her exersaucer.  But I really love fleece for bedtime and when she's playing on the floor.

I had an opportunity to work with a really creative Mom to get our very first fleece cover.  She is the WAHM behind Kayleigh's Duds!  She's been a hobby sewer for a while and is just starting to spread her wings into the business world by making the most adorable fleece covers, shorties and longies.  I was so excited to meet a budding entrepreneur that is so put together.

The cover that I got from her is SO adorable!  I love the fleece on it.  It is very very soft and stretchy.  The detail to the stitching and the consistency in the leg holes is wonderful.  The quality of it is amazing.  When I first saw it, I was very skeptical on how well it would work.  I mean, how can fleece keep a fitted from leaking everywhere?  It looked big too.  But once I started putting it on, I saw how it conformed to Peanut's legs, diaper and waist.  I loved it.  I think it was super comfortable for Peanut too.  She was playing on the floor in it and was moving more than I saw her move before.  In fact....she crawled for the first time in her fleece cover!!

I played with the cover with different fitteds and prefolds with snappis for a while during the day.  I was more impressed with it each time we used it!  Then came the final big test.....overnight use.  There has been NO cloth diaper that has lasted a night with Peanut....ever.  (That's one reason why she has 8 fitted sheets and 3 covers for her crib!)  I crossed my fingers before going to bed.  Peanut woke at 2 am and was still dry around the cover.  So I nursed her and put her back to bed.  I swore that after having a nursing session without a change that her crib would be soaked in the morning, so I was bracing myself for a 5 am good morning wake up.  Peanut slept until 8 am, and her bed was dry!!!  I couldn't believe it!

I strongly suggest that if you are in the market for fleece, or are thinking about trying it out, check out Kayleigh's Duds.  Her prices are reasonable and she makes them to fit specifically to your little one!  If you have a problem with leaky overnight diapers, even if they are pockets, AI2 or AIOs, you can use a fleece over the top to help prevent leaks!  They aren't just for fitteds and prefolds!

Thank you so much to Kayleigh's Duds for helping The Trophy Wife find that perfect solution that I've been searching for for the last 10 months!


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