Friday, September 28, 2012

Magical Fairies

As parents, we have to be creative.  Especially with kids these days being so logical and analytical, parents really have to work hard to make things believable.  I also believe that it's very important to play into the wonderful imaginations of our kids too.  In our household, we enlist the help of 'fairies'.  It started  when Sweet Pea was two years old.  So, here is the list of fairies and what their specialty is.

The Paci Fairy

She is the fairy that lives in a magical place with other fairies.  She runs the museum of really cool kids.  In the museum, she keeps paci's on a shelf so that the other fairies can learn about the really neat kids that once owned them.  The Paci Fairy asks for your old pacifier and in return, will give you a really nice gift to say 'Thank you'.  All you have to do is take your last pacifier and put it in an envelope.  You can decorate it anyway that you want.  Then put it in the mailbox.  She will pick it up and leave your special gift there (something like a stuffed animal or something special to have in bed at night or next to the bed at night, since that's when you miss your paci the most.)  The only catch, is that once the Paci Fairy takes your last pacifier, you can never get it back.  But you can always remember it when you look at your special gift from her.  And the other fairies are so thankful that they can use it to get to know you better.

The Tooth Fairy

Well, that one is self explanatory.  Our tooth fairy will bring trinkets, like polished rocks or plastic key chains, and then some type of special shiny coin, like a quarter or...if you're really luck....a gold dollar.  Once in a while, if The Tooth Fairy has to find you on vacation, you get a souvenir from the place you are visiting, like a hat with the town's name on it.

The Potty Fairy

The Potty Fairy leaves special treats in the drawer in the bathroom.  When you use the potty, you get to pick a mini M&Ms or stickers.  The Potty Fairy will only leave treats in the drawer if you continue to use the potty successfully.  The treats disappear if you refuse to use the potty.

The 'One More for the Road' Fairy

This fairy helped with dinner time.  She had a rule that you had to have as many bites as you are old of something new.  Then you had to have one more bite....for the road.  If you did this when trying new foods or trying foods you don't like again, then you get to have a special treat after everyone is done with dinner, like a cookie.

So, as you can see....we enlist the help of many fairies in our household.  Be creative and I'm sure you'll find fairies around your house too.


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