Friday, September 7, 2012

The Dipr Review and Giveaway! - CLOSED

The RacDad and I are always having debates over the strangest of them being the proper way to eat an Oreo cookie.  This debate has been on going for the last 10 years with neither one of us budging on our opinion.

For The RacDad, he doesn't like the idea of dipping your fingers into the milk, but he likes to have his cookie fully submerged to get the appropriate softness achieved across the whole cookie.  So his solution is to mutilate his poor cookie by shoving a fork into the tender goodness of the cream in the middle.  His poor cookie doesn't stand a chance of having it's soft inner pierced.  I am more of a purist.  I like to dip my whole cookie too.  I prefer to fully submerge my cookie using my nicely manicured fingers.  There are two reasons for this.  One, I do not harm my cookie in the process.  Two, I can feel when the cookie has been properly submerged until optimal softness has been acquired.

We have finally found the product that solved this conundrum that we found ourselves in.  It is called, "The Dipr".  It is a cookie/milk dipping apparatus.  Now, I have to say that I was skeptical at first.  I thought this was more novelty than function, but I have to say that I find it to be the far superior way to eat an Oreo cookie (or any type of cream filled cookie that you would dunk in milk.)  The best part, it that The RacDad agrees with me.  We have finally found the solution to our fracas.

Here is a step by step on how to use The Dipr.

Put The Dipr around the middle of the cookie.

Slide the cookie in so that The Dipr is hugging the cream filling.

Dip The Dipr into your milk.

Submerge the cookie for your desired period of time.
Personally, I wait for all the bubbles to disappear.

Take the cookie out of the milk.

Eagerly anticipate the softness of the cookie.

Revel in the yumminess.

Remove The Dipr from your mouth.  (Don't forget to chew.)

Viola!  A successful snack experience.
Now, after years of rigorous testing, I found that not all cookies are created equal when it comes to dipping.  Surprisingly enough, the same is to be said when using The Dipr.  Vanilla Oreo cookies take less time to absorb an appropriate amount of milk.  I found that while using The Dipr, the vanilla Oreo cookies have a penchant to floating!  Yep...that little devil decided to float off the top of The Dipr halfway through dipping every 1 out of 3 times.  What I found to fix this predicament is to lightly smush The Dipr into the edge of cream and then to also hold The Dipr upright instead of tilted.  I can't wait to test The Dipr out on the seasonal Oreo cookies (Halloween is my favorite) and the double stuffed variety.

The Dipr has won The Trophy Wife's Seal of Approval!

The wonderful geniuses over at The Dipr have graciously provided the chance for one lucky OTTW reader to win a Dipr of their own!

You can find The Dipr online at:
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**The Dipr was provided to The Trophy Wife for personal use and for this review.  All opinions are my own.  Your experience with this company and product may be different.  All photos are the property of OTTW and may not be used without written permission from OTTW and The Trophy Wife.  The Trophy Wife will be covering the cost of shipping of the giveaway item to the winner.**


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