Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Magic of Fall

 Halloween is my absolute most favorite time of year.  And I am SO excited to be able to share such a fun holiday with my baby, Peanut.  What I love is the atmosphere that surrounds everything and how Halloween, to me, is really the start of a magical time to share with family and friends through the coming months ahead...from now all the way to January.  From the round, beautiful pumpkins to the chill in the air...it's a time where I sit and reflect.

So, here are the things that consume my mind as they days grow short and the wind blows the leaves from the trees.  Seeing pink all month, I always remember my experience with a breast cancer scare and I remember to not only do a check for myself, but remind the women (AND men!) in my life to check themselves too.  I think about child safety as the little ones prepare to go knocking on doors and start bundling up in their heavy coats.

I start digging out my favorite recipes and experimenting with them with The RacDad to see what new creations we can make.  I eagerly anticipate Daylight Savings Time because our family's clocks all start to revert to a later start to the day and later end of the evening.  So, little by little, the week before, we start to push back our schedules by 15 minutes a day so it's not such a huge shock when it starts.

We decorate for Halloween and then take down the spiders and cobwebs and replace them with golden orange leaves for Thanksgiving.  Then we take all that down in December to get ready for Christmas.  But my house is filled with glittery bobbles for months...making it a magical place to enjoy the warm smells of foods from the kitchen and cuddles with the kids.

Then I think of family and friends.  How grateful I am to have this time to share my joys and triumphs with them and how they all touch my heart in ways that I just can't express.  And I'm grateful for all of you too.  Thank you for taking your time to connect with me and to be with me through this crazy journey of parenthood.


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