Saturday, March 2, 2013

I missed you!

Hey there crazy kids!  I really missed you all while I've been away.  So, classes are going well and I'm back in the swing of being a "college student".  The kids have had a few different viruses that have knocked us out for a week here and roseola.  But, now that we are all feeling better and Peanut is finally sleeping through the night, I feel like I can start blogging again.  I think that I have all my ducks in a row for now and I can be more consistent with keeping up with you all again.

Here is a little recap of how our last few months have gone.  Little Man is wanting to potty train.  He hasn't gotten the hang of telling me when he needs to go or if he's gone.  BUT, if I prompt him to sit on the potty he will use it.  So, it's going to be a long process, but at least he likes doing it.  He absolutely LOVES his Just Simply Baby trainers and constantly wants to wear them.  He won't even touch a different kind of trainer.  He calls them his 'gummy bear' pants.  He is also continually taking his clothes off and dancing around the room singing the Gummy Bear song.  I don't know why he has latched onto that YouTube phenomena, but it is cute.

Peanut is getting a handle on her acid reflux problems.  She has gotten in all 8 of her front teeth and 4 molars since we've had very rough and sleepless nights.  Now she only needs to get her canine teeth and we'll be set.  Since her last molar came through, she has been able to go down to a lighter reflux medication and she has been sleeping through the night.  Ahhh....that makes this Mama happy!  Peanut has also started walking!  Yep...we are officially a family of bipeds.  And she has not taken any caution when it comes to keeping up with big brother.  In fact, The RacDad and I are suspecting that she will become the brains of the operation.

Sweet Pea is such a lovely young lady.  She is a cellist and also plays french horn.  She is blowing her teachers away in school...reaffirming that I'm not just being a proud Mom, but that Sweet Pea really is that awesome.  She has caught the eye of a sweet boy in her class, so we are now adventuring into the Tween Years and watching her go, slowly I hope, from being a kid to learning more about what it takes to be an adult.

The RacDad and I are still madly in love.  We are finally feeling at home after moving a year ago.  We are getting more involved with our community and reaching out more to family and friends.  All signs that our lives are finally getting back into a straight path instead of the curvy chaos that it's been over the last 4 years. The house that we left is finally off of our shoulders and we don't have that burden looming over us anymore. We are looking forward to this year of looking ahead and making plans instead of having to take everything day by day.  And I can't wait to share all of that with you.

I am going to blog more about things that pop into my head...interesting tidbits if you will.  I am also going to try to bring a little more humor into my writing.  (I really am a funny person...I swear!)  I will continue to talk about raising kids in the Midwest.  The cloth diaper posts may decrease as time goes on because we are approaching the end of that journey, but I am always happy to answer questions about that on Facebook or through emails if anyone ever needs anything.  I will slowly reintroduce reviews and giveaways as I start to work with amazing companies and people again.  But for now, it's just going to be me.

It's nice to be back.


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