Friday, March 29, 2013

The Next Big Obsession

I have been "stash happy" with our cloth diaper stash.  We have some awesome all cotton AIOs, great fitteds and covers, and plenty of bamboo trainers for both kids.  I ditched our pockets a while ago because Peanut has a sensitivity to microfiber.  My next obsession came just in time.....or not, if you ask The RacDad.

Now, I have never been a shoe/purse/bag kind of person.  I have been using the same purse that my Mom handed down to me in High School.  It got so battered and worn, that my Mom gave me a "Prairie Bag" that she made.  It's fun and perky, but there's something about using a purse that has never felt natural to me.  I always used an old book bag as a diaper bag and I had an old black "Gerber" bag from Sweet Pea that I pulled out of the depths of the closet to use with Little Man.  When Peanut was 3 months old, The RacDad gave me a brown diaper bag that matched her carrier seat and the double stroller.  That was when I first felt the twinge of fun from having a functional bag that could coordinate with other things that I used.  (And I don't mean to imply that this new obsession stems from The RacDad....but, well, you never know.)

So, now here I am.  I am unbelievably, undeniably, unequivocally addicted to Ju-Ju-Be bags.  This obsession is even worse than my cloth diaper obsession!  In just three months time, I have bought new, bought used, traded and bartered for these bags.  I started with one simple bag that I saw on Woot for a great price and I picked it up with the intentions of using it to carry my books for my new class that I was about to start.  All I needed was a book bag to use for school.  After I got it, I saw the tags that said that it was 'teflon coated' and 'antimicrobial lined'.  Of course, being a Mom to three kids (two of which are toddlers), this really piqued my interest.  Then I saw it....the icing on the cake, the creme de la resistance... they are machine washable!!  Could this be true?!  There's someone out there making amazing bags that have functional designs, cute prints (and even leather), that are durable, and can be washed in my washing machine?!  And I tell you what, they really have thought of everything!  Memory foam in the change pads, "Mommy pockets" with places to organize those things we need in an instant, and memory foam in the pads for the shoulder straps so they are comfortable.

So, you are going to hear a lot from me about different kinds of Ju-Ju-Be ideas and stories.  I promise to not go overboard with information unless you all ask for it.  By the way....I'm still waiting for someone to reach out and ask a question for my Friday segment that I want to start.



  1. You're not alone. I was always a one handbag kind of girl. I would always use said handbag until it literally fell apart. I am now obsessed w/ PPB & JJB bags! I have "calmed down" and am happy with my stash but have never been obsessed over anything like this before. It's gotten to the point where I use certain bags when I see certain people so they don't think I'm crazy.

  2. Yes...I feel the same way. I was trying out my different bags to see which worked best for me to carry my school stuff to class and which was most comfortable.....after 5 classes (and 5 different bags) I finally had someone ask me if I had a different bag for every day of the week. I couldn't tell them that I had one for every day for 2 weeks! So I finally picked one and stuck with it for that particular class.


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