Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to Make: Ju-ju-be PackaBe Grab Handle

One of my favorite diaper bags is my Ju-ju-be Sienna Swirl PackaBe.  The sienna swirl print just calls to me with the red tones and the swirls.  It was my first large Ju-ju-be bag.  The only thing that was missing from it was a way to just pick it up when I needed to get it out of the car or set it down after taking it off my back.  When I used the main strap to do these simple tasks, it would clatter down about a foot and felt awkward to me.  All I needed was a little handle.

On my quest to figure out if I needed a different style of bag or just needed to fix mine, I found information from another Pink Lady on how to braid a long strap to make a handle.  I bought a long strap and I tried it out.  I found that it was just too short to fit across my PackaBe across the top.  I could put it on the back hooks, but then the bag would be off center when I pick it up.  So, I decided to braid it in the middle to allow extra slack to bridge across the stroller hook rings.  It turns out that my idea worked perfectly!

So, here is how you braid a long strap for a PackaBe:

Step 1:  Start with a long strap with 2 clips.
(Usually from a Major or Set.)

Step 2:  Fold the strap in two pieces at 11 inches
from the base of the clip.
Step 3:  Fold the long side over the top of the short side
at 4 inches from the base of the clip.

Step 4:  Fold the long side around and under the short side,
in between them, and above the long side.

Step 5:  Fold the long side around and under the long side,
in between them, and above the short side.

Continue with Steps 4 and 5.

Step 6:  You should have a little space at the end
to thread the long strap and clip through.

And you are finished.
The strap will lay flat when connected to the bag.

Connect to the stroller hook rings.

It leaves plenty of room to access
the zipper for the main pouch.

PackaBe Love

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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