Monday, April 22, 2013

Packing the PackaBe For School

My favorite Ju-Ju-Be bag style is the PackaBe.  To me, it's the most versatile bag.  I love that in a matter of seconds, I can go from having it on one shoulder to having it slung onto my back as I chase after Little Man and Peanut.  I use the PackaBe as my main diaper bag.  I also love to use it for school.  The PackaBe can be awkward to use at first because it is a "vertical" bag.  It can feel like things would get lost in the bottom.  My fix for this is to pack with Ju-Ju-Be Quicks.

This is my beloved Sienna Swirl PackaBe
This is everything that I pack in it for school:
A 3 inch ring binder, 1/2 inch notebook binder, Small notebook
3 regular size textbooks (about 900 pages each)
3 smaller size textbooks (about 600 pages each)
A quicklet for my pens, pencils, markers, etc.
Ju-Ju-Be Major wallet
This is what I pack in my custom made Quicklet
(isn't it cute?!  I LOVE the penguin!)
I put my BeMajor in the bottom outer pocket.

I put the quicklet, my phone, and some hand sanitizer
in the top outer pocket.
I put my tallest textbook in the back outer pocket
(without the change pad.)
I put my small textbook inside my 1/2 inch binder
then I put that inside my 3 inch binder
I tuck the binders under the backside of the bag.
I put the 2 remaining large textbooks on their sides
in the bottom of the bag in front of the binders.
I put my 3 smaller textbooks on top of those books.
Zip and I'm ready to go!
Now, I don't have to tote all of these books at the same time, but I do keep them packed up when I'm home because I don't have an office area to work in at our apartment.  Sometimes I need to tote them from one room to another....or go to a coffee get my work done during the week.  It's easier to just keep them packed so that the kids don't get into my school stuff too.


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