Friday, June 21, 2013

Potty time

Wow!  So, here we have it, the end of one diapering journey.  Little Man is now officially potty trained.  He has gone 5 full days without an accident.  He loves his underoos too!  I have been SO excited on how quickly it all happened.  He has been wearing trainers for months now and he occasionally sat on the potty.  Then 3 weeks ago, we started a "sticker system".  I made a chart for him for potty and sleep times hoping to encourage him to use the potty and stay in bed.  If he went potty, he got a sticker.  If he stayed in bed for nap/bed time, he got a sticker.  Then, once he filled the sheet, he got to go to the local cupcake store to "cash in" his chart for a cupcake of his choice.  After two cupcake trips, he started to potty in his trainers between potty times.  So, we tried to alter the deal by saying that he can get a sticker if he's dry when he goes potty.  That wasn't as effective as I had hoped it would be.

So, one morning, I decided to just not put the trainer on him.  That day, he had two accidents.  He didn't like the way it felt going down his leg and kept asking me to let him take a shower after his accidents.  That night, I ran to the store and bought his underoos and threw them in the wash.  The next morning, he had his underoos to wear and he did fabulously.  He even went to my mom's house for a sleep over that night and stayed dry the whole time he was gone.  Since he's been back, he's stayed dry...even overnight!

I am so proud of my Little Man.  And now, Peanut is joining the party.  They are so adorable sitting on the potty next to each other.  Oh world is changing!


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