Friday, July 12, 2013

In A Comfort Zone

Me, as I write this, in all my "morning glory".
My mother is a professional cosmetologist.  I grew up in a "beauty shop" (I hate that term) and hear countless stories about how I was spending time in the mirror as a young child.  These stories always make me feel like I am narcissistic or obsessed with looks, even though it is completely normal for kids to learn about themselves by looking at their reflections.  My mom has always told me to fix my hair, or put on some makeup because "it will make you feel better."  While, sometimes it's true just based on the fact that you are spending time on yourself and that can be cathartic.  At the same time, I find myself saying ,"Why is that necessary?"

Why do we have to feel obligated to wear makeup, shave our legs, and have our hair fixed when we first get up everyday?  I understand the psychology behind establishing routines, but why can't that routine be to just put on some clean clothes, brush your teeth, grab some breakfast, and get on with your day?

I do like getting 'gussied' up and putting on my makeup and spending 10 minutes to style my hair (what's left of it) once in a while.  But I find that even when the occasion arises that I do need to leave the house or have someone over, I put those steps off until the very last minute.  Not because I don't like it, but because I just don't feel that it's a necessity.  I think I'm pretty with or without my makeup on.  (What do you think?  Tell me your honest opinion between the two pictures.)  It took many, many years to get to the point where I was comfortable with myself.  It used to be that I couldn't be awake for 5 minutes without putting on all my makeup.  I felt like it was something that was necessary for me to be a functional human being.  Then having to deal with all the soaps and potions to make all of that go away every night, it was tiring...and expensive.

What's your honest opinion?
Is it worth "keeping up appearances"?
I decided a few months back that I will get up, take a shower, brush my teeth, comb my hair, get dressed, and that would be it for going out and about.  I was so self conscious the first few times that I did this, but now I don't feel like people treat me any differently.  I'm still the same flirtatious, outgoing person that I have grown up to become. I don't have to feel differently about myself just because of a lack of product in my hair and makeup on my face.

I still like feeling "special" when I do take the time to fix up my hair and makeup, but it's the same "special" feeling that I get when I do anything that focuses on just me for 20 sitting on the deck with a cup of tea in the quiet of the morning.  That feeling and glow stays with me all day.

So, I say....Do what feels best to you.  Be comfortable in your own skin.  Love yourself for who you are and what you do.  It's quite liberating. ;)



  1. Found you on the PPB chat page. Love this entry. It also took me forever to feel comfortable without putting makeup on. Like you, I wonder why there's such a big deal in our society to have makeup on all the time. Now, I'm cool putting on makeup for a night out w/ the girls, but on Wednesday at 11am for a play date in the park in the hot sun? Not so much. I don't want to feel like I'm wearing a mask all day long & I don't want to be "on" all the time. I think you look good with & without makeup too & I'm glad you're comfortable without it. :)

  2. Thank you Bianca! I appreciate the kind words.


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