Tuesday, July 21, 2015

GenCyber Girls

Hello all!!!  It's been a while, but I've been a crazy busy chickadee this summer.  I've been playing catch-up with the kids since this is the first summer that I haven't had a full load of college classes.  I'm also working from home as a hobby seamstress making wonderful creations out of Ju-ju-be materials and altering Ju-ju-be bags.  It's been a lot of fun being creative and taking a little technical break.

But that only lasted a few weeks because now I'm at camp!!  I know, right?  So much fun seeing 100 girls from 7 different states all coming together to geek out.  Well, all of them are not the stereotypical geek.  There's so many different types of girls from different backgrounds.  It's really inspiring to see such a blend, and I'm honored to be able to meet and work with all of them to get them excited about this crazy passion of mine.  Well....one of the crazy passions.  And yes, I'm getting them all excited about Ju-ju-be and TokiDoki too.  I did have to bring a bag for every occasion.

It's really impressive to see all my former instructors coming together and working with all the girls.  I'm really enjoying assisting them, and being able to jump in and apply this knowledge that I just spent the last 2 years working on.  It's lighting a fire under my belly to not give up my job search and just throw in the towel.  I'm still not employed yet, and the search was getting really disheartening because everyone preaches about how easy it is to get a lucrative job in this industry, especially if you're a girl.  But nope.  That hasn't been my experience yet.  I keep thinking maybe I'm just not doing it right or maybe I'm not as good as I thought I was.  But after these last few days working with these awesome people, I'm bound and determined that I just need to keep plugging along to find that right job with that right company.

Well, enjoy your summer and I'll be checking in periodically!


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